maandag 2 november 2015

Games Workshop Scenic Overload

Rob, a friend of mine, contacted me tonight about our trip to Crisis, what time, have I got any plans etc and if I would like some Games Workshop scenery?

Well, depends, dunnit?

So out of the blue he offers me these:
Dreadstone Blight
Empire Tower with all the bits
Modular gaming hill (I've been after this one for some time but could never find one for less then 25 Pounds on Ebay.UK plus shipping)
Fortified Manor with all the bells and whistles.

Almost nothing painted, built but in a good way, with plenty of bits, for less then my planned buildings budget at Crisis (which was 75 euros max which would have bought me 1, maybe 2 good pieces) I said yes in a heartbeat. I can't even begin to think what this would have cost me on Ebay.

This ends my scenery search straight away. Before I buy any new stuff (other then my Crisis pre orders that is) I must paint most or all of this scenery lot.

So, I've got my miniatures for Frostgrave, got the book and got scenery. Sofar I've spent roughly 125 euros on getting stuff specifically for the game. That's enough for 2015.

I am, however, intruiged by the following cobblestone terrain mat. I think this will work perfectly for Frostgrave, Mordheim and even a French town in 20mm if you ignore the size of the cobbles. Guerilla Miniature Games did a review on them that I found really informative. I've posted on some fora asking for more information on gaming mats as there seem so many to choose from.

It would make one hell of a St. Nicolas present!

But at the moment I can't even decide if I want a 4x4 (my table size) or a 4x6 and have some overlap and that size would be handy if went gaming at a club or event. Better focus on Crisis first :)

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  1. Sweet haul of loot! That is a good friend.

  2. Wow. I'm after those hills as well, and the buildings are fabulous.

    1. The hills are hard to get for a decent price, yes. So I consider myself to be really lucky!

  3. Wow! Great haul! I'm actually a bit jealous you managed to get your hands on that Empire Tower and Fortified Manor, those are nice pieces of terrain. Enjoy your loot.