zondag 29 november 2015

Not so easy rider, part 1

Well, I asked around for Space Marine motorcycles, managed to snag 6 of them from friends that should arrive next week (but will need time in the stripper and then a thorough de-build), so I wonder off on the net to see if anyone needs any help. A local chap is looking for a Tau multi tracker, so I go on the hunt for that, open a box of stuff Wouter gave me and what lies on top? 4 frigging Chaos motorcycles in the sprue (only wheels for 3 though). <sigh>

Quick build, removed the Chaos stars, mould lines, left off the Chaos gunshield and weapons and did some tinkering with each with parts from the bits box.
Need bases, some cleanup of mouldlines I missed, some more detailling.

And in case you are wondering, the basic idea is the bikes you find in the Wasteland in Fallout, left to rot. So these will be old and rusty and suitable as is or filling my scrapyard. Then again in a 40K backwater or Spire these would be runners and just parked. Anyway, scenery none the less, so useful for any 28mm sci-fi setting like TNT. Inquisitor and whatnot.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. :-) good to see my unused stuff has found a good home.
    I can't recall where I left the missing set of wheels though. Perhaps they went into a scenery or conversion project of mind.
    Nice conversions, the bits you added make them look unique. I'd love to see some painted flames on at least one of them ;-).

    1. No flames mate, badly weathered paint anc chrome plus lots of rust for these bikes.