dinsdag 10 november 2015

Sick leave

As always, Crisis sapped the life out of me. Didn't know this year it would be literally! Felt under the weather sunday afternoon, and called in sick monday morning, and I've been in bed ever since, only getting up a few hours ago to have a bit to eat, which didn't go down too well. Since I did not facny going to bed in any hurry, I thought I'd take the stack of sprues I just bought before and at Crisis and snip em into pieces for the bits bags (I've got them per race) and I just finished doing that. Tossed out a Batallion box worth of clippings :) Saw loads of stuff pass by that could be made into treasure.

Also, while I was at Crisis, a big box came in with a Dutch copy of Darkworld that I picked up at Marktplaats for a lot less then it does on Ebay.co.UK. So I just grabbed a cup of tea (in my new shiney mug!) and unpacked it. I'd seen pics of the main piece before painted and all tarted up, but the real things feels bigger to me. Here are some pics. Mordheim figure for reference. For use with Frostgrave or Mordheim or any decent Fantasy game I think.
Notice the huge gaping chasm at the back that will need to be filled in. Basing will help too!
Based, holes filled, not sure yet if I'll shut the doors or not, painted and flocked....it will look the part no problem I think. I'll have to raid the garage for a nice piece of thin MDF for the base.

Now, in the meantime, I'm trying to curb my online time in somewhat more productive time. Since we are using Youtube a lot for childrens shows for Nikki and Emma during the day, I'm using it a lot for reviews, walk throughs and other stuff concerning the hobby. As I can just watch and do my thing in the meantime I still get my info I'm getting more bang for my buck.And I'm not getting tempted (too often) by the stuff on display.

So I just put on The Terrain Tutor while clipping sprues, and I just grabbed some bags that were on my desk, so I just washed, cleaned and based the large gas cannisters from Zinge Industries. I've put them on 20mm bases as I want to use them as scatter scenery cause I bought them originally for Necromunda but will do nicely for Inquisitor too. Stuff that blows up or needs to be captured/ released. You know :)
Nice, clean cast with just a tad of mould slippage on the side but nothing impossible to scrape off. If Modhail approves, cause he likes the Zinge Industries Fantasy add-on kit, there might be an order in for them this/next year. And yes, I'll drop in some more gas tanks. Smaller ones though.

Oh, an envelope dropped in the mail today, from the US. My 3D printed parts arrived, and the correct ones this time!, so I can start a try out of the tower soon. Clean cast like the rest, really well printed.

Now, to grab some stuff from storage to sell and make money, or to grab some stuff to base and get ready for primer? Hmmm.....

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