zondag 20 december 2015


I've been looking to do a bigger scenic piece for TNT since going through my stash. As the bits I had wanted to do were not found during my last rummage in the attic, I had to either start something new skill wise (foamboard buildings) or go with the old favourite (the Hornby power pylon) that I did find. I also wanted to test how far I would come without painkillers and if I could do a major piece in one weekend, drying time and all. I would also go full out on weathering in the fastest way possible.

So, casually browsing Marktplaats the day after Kim had returned, I spotted a Aquila Lander wreck from the Macragge starterset form 15 years ago. Painted, asking price 5 euros (locally these usually sell for 15-25 euros for a full wreck set, at least when I watch those auctions). Luck favors the bold, so a quick email was sent and an hour later I was the lucky winner of a Aquilla Lander (and 5 euros poorer). In my mind it was the perfect item as with the right paintjob I knew I could make this fit for Fallout, and since I can't afford 3D printed vertibirds or 1/48 aircraft hulls, this was a genuine bargain. I told Kim what I had done (and she wasn't happy) and that I planned to paint and finish it asap, as in this very weekend. I always like a challenge.

So, friday around 18:00, the doorbell rings and PostNL drops this in my (cluttered) lap.
Actually not a bad paintjob. Bit basic, and with the already chipped decals right over the paint with no gloss underneath I cut my thoughts short and removed what was left from the decals and just oversprayed it black.I did the basics that night, did the rest during saturday and in the evening she was actually finished. I added a proper coat of gloss allover so she could dry overnight and I could add a mattcoat when my wife took the kids swimming. I reapplied some of the wet weathering (oil mostly) and I just finished adding some tufts and bits of newspaper.

I hereby declare Dolly done. Look at her and think Fallout + US Army Air Corps 1940's and that is what I aimed at. I'm happy with her, I hope you are too.

Job well done. Didn't manage it without painkillers, tried half of my prescription on saturday and it wasn't enough, I'm now on 2/3's and it is manageable. Arm still keeps going numb and cold but I can still use it, so another improvement.

For use with, but not limited to, Fallout, Sci-Fi, Rogue Trader, Inquisimunda and what not.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks great! Love the colors, and the rust is superb! Would love to see a how to on that rust!

  2. Excellent work Johan! I am enjoying all this cool weathering stuff you've been doing recently.

  3. That looks great!
    I like how you add a common theme in your terrain with the newspapers.
    It gives them a sense of unity.
    The weathering is gorgeous again.

    1. Paper everywhere, I'm using a lot of them though, at this rate I'll be out in a few more more projects :D

  4. That's a stunning piece of scenery and you got the look you've aimed at. But you know what's really starting to bug me? The unpainted Orc figure you include in most of your pics for scale reference purposes...

    1. Yes, about that. I've never painted a Orc/Ork before, so I don't really know where to start to be honest....