zondag 13 december 2015


First up, many thx for all of the kind comments you left on the previous posts. I means a lot to me while I sit there on the couch doing hardly anything, and generally not feeling very happy.

I'll give you a recap of this week.
  • Scooter is a write off.
  • Wound on my arm got infected, was cleaned up and is doing a bit better now but still dedicated to Nurgle so I have to keep an eye on that.
  • I can sit behind the PC now for up to 10 minutes before my arm falls asleep....which is better then the 30 seconds we started the week with.
  • Due to the pain in my back and neck I've hit the limit of what they can prescribe me for painkillers. Recovery will be slow, not helped by the next bit.
  • As it turned out, around the same time I had my accident, a good friend of Kim comitted suicide. Kim had to find this out on saturday evening through Facebook. A bit of a double hitter, she was already panicking when I had my accident, so this news pushed her over the edge. After a day of nothing but crying she just snapped and had herself admitted to the psychiatric hospital, again.
  • I've been taking care of the kids since monday morning, which is not helping my recovery one bit. I already informed my insurance company of the matter and they will claim extra money so I can afford someone to help me keep the house clean. I can barely lift my kids, let alone the laundry. 10 minutes of vacuuming leaves me beat for half an hour. Yes kids, that's what bruised ribs do for you. A fat lot of good.
  • This weekend has been hell. I love my kids, but having them around all day made me snappy and they felt the brunt of it, sadly. I don't want to but I'm just so tired.

So there you have it. Have I done anything for the hobby? Yes, I have. Keeping within the limits of what is possible right now and doing it really slow, I managed to get a few things done this week. In the same way as I made this Blog post, in 10 minute snips at a time.

I used some coffee stirrers and sateh sticks plus a bit of plastic card to make me a billboard. Then realised it was top heavy so gave it a base to counter that as much as possible. To make sure everything lined up I used Lego. I then made another one with 3 struts and that one balanced nicely.

I also received a box of Cars cars and prepped a few of them for paint. So we go from this:
To this:
I really enjoyed cluttering the load bed with scrap newspapers.

And then I went from this:
To this:
Nothing more then a basecoat, a colour coat, some weathering and varnish. And lots of paper.

The billboards came out nicely too.

Well chuffed with these. Now I'm really tired, so just the Blog tonight, maybe repost these on the forums tomorrow if I feel up to it.

24 opmerkingen:

  1. The billboards & cars look brilliant!
    So sorry to hear about Kim & your struggles. Glad that you are slowly recovering. I can relate about getting so tired & then becoming snappy with the kids. I hope you get the help around the house that you need.
    All the best,

  2. None to shabby on getting rid of those Cars faces! Love the weathered paint jobs as well.
    By leaving out the middle strut, you made the classic highway cop hideout for speeding tickets...

    About the real life stuff: Our thoughts are with both of you. Give my well wishes to Kim and the girls next time you see them. Get well soon, both of you, and make sure to aim for a full recovery, not just a quick one! Let us know if you need anything.

  3. Sounds that you dont have any problem filling out the "free time" then...

    Really nice billboards and car wrecks.

    Best of luck with the recovery and all. Best regards/ Jonas

  4. They turned out great! How'd you do the billboard posters & newspapers?

    1. Thx mate. Weathered laserprints. Go over them with sandpaper and dunk em in your coffee or strong tea for colour, and that is it.

  5. Great work on the models and terrain, glad it could provide some distraction for you in a pretty terrible week.

    I hope you continue to improve as does Kim too.



  6. It sounds as if life is being particularly brutal at the moment. Hope you're able to come through well.

    And superb weathering work!

  7. Those billboards and cars look amazing!
    I guess my kids wouldn't be amused though if I transform these models to (though excellent looking) the scrap you are showing ;-).
    I'm sorry to hear you are getting another hard time, with Kim suddenly in the hospital like that.
    Best of luck, both of you! I hope everything settles down with the holidays.

  8. Pfew when does the hurting ever stop over there?! Wish I lived more close by so I could help out.

    Take care Sander

  9. Damn, sorry to hear of your troubles. That's really rough.

    Great work on the Cars!


  10. It never just rains, it pours. Really sorry to hear you're still in so much pain, and how it's affected Kim and your whole family :(

    On the positive side - you do nicer stuff in 10 minute spells than I can manage even if I can work an entire evening ;)

    Take care, and keep up the positives! Keeping my fingers crossed that things soon work out.


  11. I am - as we British say - 'completely gob-smacked'. That is beautiful work. The wood, the rusty metal...Fantastic. And the theme is excellent too. Very well done!

  12. Very sorry to hear that more bad stuff has happened and then you still have to take care of the kids and show a good face to them or feel guilty when you don't ... it ain't easy, I know. I'm sure you're trying your best.

    I can't wait to show my son what you've done to the Cars cars. Your rust effect are incredible. You've got trashing down to a science. Got any advice? Books, magazines, websites one could check out?

    The newspapers are great as well. What dpi is your printer? Been thinking of getting a much better printer to print out decals and such for minis.

    Take care!

    1. There is actually not much advice I can give, but I will try and do a tutorial on my weathering sometime soon and show it really only tkaes a few small steps. The newspapers were printed by friends who actually have (at work) laser colour printers they can use and I just asked for their help :)