zaterdag 5 december 2015

I'll be taking a short break

I'll be taking a short break.

Why? Well, driving home last night, a very nice man in a Prius thought he could drive straight at a crossing where he was only allowed to go left or right, and I just got a green light at the same crossing, and well, he ran me over. I spent a good 5 minutes on the asphalt gasping for air like a fish, high on adrenaline, waiting untill the police and ambulance arrived, and then spent a good 2 hours at the hospital and ambulance, with plenty of pictures and attention from nurses and doctors untill I got the green light. I managed to score 4 different painkillers from start to finish so was a bit high when Kim picked me up at the hospital.

My scooter got delivered home today, the damage doesnt look so bad (bodywork to pieces, cables torn, fork broken) 'but I fear she is a total loss due to her age. They will pick her up for a assesement on monday.

For all my effort, all I got to show is 3 scratches and a ton of barely visible bruises, and the inside lettering of my helmet partially imprinted on my forehead due to the impact. My score on the Prius is  a busted bumper, a damaged front wing, the window style and the mirror I managed to snap off with my side (with a nice big bruise to show for it).

Atm, my neck is very sore and a bit swollen, as is my right side. When writing the insurance claim today I noticed a increasing pain in my right arm when handling a pen. My elbows and knees hurt a ton too. Untill that goes down I'll be at home for a bit.

As much as I want to model right now, I have trouble focussing and I can't handle a knife either, so let's not, shall we?

Be back soon!

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  1. So sorry to read about the accident Johan. You certainly have been through the wars in recent times. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you, and some new "wheels".
    All the very best,

  2. At least you seemed to do more damage to the Prius then it did to you.
    I hope for no permanent damage, and that you make a speedy recovery.

  3. That's not good, but glad to hear it wasn't worse. Hope you recover well.

  4. Holy crap! This year is really putting you through the wringer... Best keep an eye on that neck and arm, could be whiplash or a pinched nerve.
    All the best, I hope you recover soon and fully.

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  6. Seems like your luck when it comes to non hobby related stuff is as bad as ever :-(. I hope it change soon. I wish you a speedy recovery so you can handle your knife without worries again.
    Best of luck with the Insurances, I hope they can get you a new scooter. It would be a nice gift for the holidays.

  7. Get well and that you can start to model again soon.

  8. Jee, het zit je echt niet mee (understatement of the year...). Hopelijk gaat het snel weer beter met je, en kan je snel weer aan de slag en aan het schilderen/bouwen. En hopelijk krijg je nog wat voor je scooter. Sterkte!

  9. Not good at al- get well soon.



  10. Sorry to read of this, hope you get well as soon as possible.