maandag 7 december 2015

No,now I'm really going to take a break, I promise!

Thx for all the kind comments guys.

Day 2  has come and gone and I still need painkillers bad. Moving around is very painful but I'm under doctors orders to keep moving so I took the girls out for a stroll. Had to sit down and rest for a few minutes at the halfway point (a mere 10 minutes walk from here) cause my right lower leg is giving me tons of grief and I can't breathe properly.

So, I've been looking at things to do and it seems taking pictures goes pretty well so I made a bunch. Only to be foiled by my right arm, as soon as I grab the mouse my arm starts to go cold and numb so I processed 1 picture and called it day. For once not because of the pain, but because I just don't feel anything in my arm, period. I can pinch it really, really hard and my fingers hurt, but not my arm. Weird.

Oh well, the one pic. First set of junk done.

Ok, no more PC stuff for a few days, I promiss.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. A great set of scatter terrain. These will look amazing on a gaming table.
    Rest well, you obviously need it ;).

  2. Pic is great, sorry about your arm though.

  3. Go sit on the couch and watch some dvd's or something but for goodness' sake keep quiet!