maandag 4 januari 2016

Fallout Drive In Theatre start plus....Pokeball!

 I've been looking at what I can do at my current skill level with a minimum of funds and my limited mobility. I narrowed it down to a few scenes, and I'm starting with a Drive In movie theatre. First up is the movie screen itself. Due to storage limits, it is limited to a 14x20m screen, on a minimal but sturdy base. Framework is again from sateh sticks and coffee stirrers, with a plasticcard board. I folded the paper for the projection screen several times and then dunked it in coffee twice to bring out the lines. Then some weathering with grey inks, nothing more.

 I then took some time to make a scaffold at the back with a little shack, and a very dodgy ladder that will never pass any Health & Safety inspection.
 Now, over at the Guild, there is a Winter themed speed build going on till the 6th of January. It took me some brainstorming to fit Winter into the Fallout setting. In the end I settled for a Snowglobe. At this point, I should have googles Snowglobe+Fallout, but I didn't, so I went with the based sphere kind I knew from my childhood.
It is meant to be Vault Boy, complete with 111 on his chest, in between 2 pine trees, painted in one go (unlike the ball itself which took 5 tries, 4 of them ending up somewhere in my room after being violently displaced when I slipped my fingers....) with my smallest brush. Sorry, I was not able to paint snowflakes.

And yes, it does look a lot like a Pokeball!

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