zondag 31 januari 2016

La Maisontaal - progress - almost ready to rubble

While the girls were napping I took the time to add some more tiling and filling up of sides and corners so I can use less rubble. Also added windown sills on most locations using left over ends from Sateh sticks which happen to fit perfectly. Had to do some filling up with small bits, but once sanded and coated with filler I doubt you will see any joins.

Just 2 more windows need a sill, the inside of the tower needs rubble too (made a quick one, looks good enough to me) and I need to make my mind up about the top floor for the crypt area....either lay down wood, tile it with thin tiles, or leave it bare and full of dust and rubble. Also cut all of the sides, trim the edges so the walls slide up and get some thin beams from the attic that will become the spars for the roof....or what is left of it.

Plenty of work to do, but progress is good. I'll never be able to do this for a living though, just too slow for it. But the occasioanl building, why not, if it funds the hobby.

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