zondag 27 maart 2016

Terminating a project - 20mm Sci/Fi

Since I have not done anything for a fair bit, and I'm currently boxing up the entire contents of my hobby room in preparation for moving rooms, and found parts of it, I've looked at the logic behind my logic for this project (i'm such a Vulcan sometimes  Laugh ).

I started with the logic that since I am already building 20mm scenery, I might as well find additional uses for it. Hence, next to Afghanistan, I want to try out Sci-Fi. It would be stupid to build identical sets of terrain for various scales. But actually, it isn't. I can build the 20mm Desert buildings at the rate of 1 each free evening. So far I have over 15 buildings that need to be painted but I've been playing with using sponges to speed up painting and sofar the results have been good. Also, I like building scenery (call me odd, but I do). Storage wise that is only 2 A4 Paper boxes. I have no problem storing these. So for a well filled village of about 20 buildings I would not need more then 2 A4 boxes.

I already toyed with 15mm before, but gave up because no one else played it locally. This is also a BS reason. I've noticed that if I supply the good looking scenery and the space, people don't mind driving a bit more for a game. Also, 15mm is much easier to purchase so the treshhold is much, much lower for starters.

Only the rules are bothering me a bit.

Anyway, 20mm sci-fi is now cancelled, I'm going back to 15mm but don't expect anything too soon.

(another reason is that Brigade Models has spoiled me with their service and quality. And I love their Mercenaries. And I really want to get back in sci-fi to let loose my building skills)

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    1. Feel free to scold me though. :) Something that makes sense to me might not be the norm :)

  2. There's so much fantastic sci fi stuff in 15mm: good decision, I reckon.

    1. Thx buddy, I hope to enjoy this attempt more then the last one.

  3. I might have some 15mm near future stuff you might like ;-) I'll bring it along to IMPACT.

  4. I have a lot of 15mm scifi stuff.
    Not only are there a lot of different systems (both skirmish and large scale warfare) and cool looking miniatures, including some amazing vehicles, there is also a growing scenery Market. It is a shame Old Crow and Critical Mass miniatures have dropped creating building, but a lot of lasercutting companies and Ion Age have filled that Gap. If you Ever start playing Gruntz or Tomorrow's War Let me know, I sure don't mind coming over for a Game if my busy schedule allows it.