woensdag 8 juni 2016

Necromundan Waste Air Processing Unit - Paint in progress

Finished all of the cardboardwork except the door, stippled filler on all of the exposed areas and sanded it down, sanded, basecoated and primed the exhaust port seperately. Did the usual concrete technique, and then as an afterthought, added 2 3D printed grilles to both sides of the doorway.
Then it was just eggshell green for the metal and weathering in browns with a sponge, and thus I am now this far:

Next up is making that door and painting it seperate, sand the base, go to town using washes for a extra weathered effect and then stick posters and ruined crap all over the floor. And then it is done.

This of course when the antibiotics do their job and leave me with some more breath then what I have right now, thank you very much.

Will be a nice standalone piece when done. Necromunda, 40K, Fallout, anything really.

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