vrijdag 15 juli 2016

3mm Blast from the past

Long before I started this Blog, I was painting 1/300 and 1/600 aircraft. Eventually, 1/600 won out. Then lost to all kinds of other stuff. Here are some things I think most of you never saw before.

I converted helicopters with rotors and torpedoes....pity the rotors all yellowed over time

I painted all of the oposition for the Bombing the Bridge over the river Bug (BBB for short)....6 Russian fighters (even though you only see 4 here)
And no, I will not be giving them prop disks! A crying shame I never noted down the colours used for these. Which I failed to do for a lot of aircraft, sadly!

I then handmade 4 targets (before switching to laminated print outs that you could actually put an aircraft on)

 I also made a headstart on the Iraqi airforce for Iran Iraq.

Stay tuned, there will be more Blast from the Past (TM) soon!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Great to see them again. The tragets are superb builds.



  2. Those targets are brilliant! I'd use them, even if they are a little less practical. Maybe just replace them with a counter when something is actually sitting on top of them? They're too good to not put on the table!

  3. I agree, I love the targets. I know they can be a pain when flight stands should be sitting right on them, but I like the idea of replacing with a counter (maybe a top down photo?) at that stage. I'm I going to have to do more work on my MiG 25 now after seeing yours. I thought it was nearly done!

    1. Try and trim down the cockpit a bit, it is way oversized.

  4. Nice to see some of your earlier work.
    Your eye for detail was apparent even back then.
    Love the rotors and an amazing job on the targets. The bridge in particular is genius.