maandag 16 januari 2017

This is so far up my wish list it's not funny anymore :)

One day I will build this. Just need a proper T-55 turret, a AA gun chassis and 4 beefy wheels. Every time I see someone link to it I just want to build it some more!

And it is not like this is hard to build or anything. PST, Trumpeter, Ace and now Revell do a T-55. I'm pretty sure I have a old Britannia one lying around that I used the hull for to mount a 40mm Bofors on for my Serbians, so that would be a start. I might be able to find a leftover Airfix British Bofors in my bitsbox somewhere. From there it's plasticcard and 4 new wheels......could nad those off an old truck from the bits box. I can see this working.

Do I have any immediate use for it? Nah (but anything Militia/Rebel related is always good). Is it cool? Like hell it is! :D

(And yes, I should be in bed, but I'm trying to finalise a deal for some Osprey modelling guides for T-34's and T-55's at bargain prices with a local who apparently is an insomniac like me. Well, that and the girls are both sick so I'm on watch.)

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