dinsdag 6 oktober 2015

Buy N Large

After a rather devastating friday evening at the club, in which I showed 0 interest for modelling of any kind, I did manage to walk away with some extra cash in hand and a brand new box of Kastelan robots (finally) that I traded for some plastic Cadian sentinels and troops. I will treasure it, and I won't unpack it untill my skills have improved. The Cadians won't be missed.

The weekend was a bust as well, Kim and the kids were sick, our Netflix account got hacked by some guy in Brasil and I think I blinked twice before it was sunday evening :(

During our weekly chat this evening, I informed Kim that I had donated money to charity and won a Rapid Fire book that way, and that I had bought something for my sci-fi scratchbuilding. Her reply, that since I had money, I should give her the same amount as I had just spent. Wait....what? What about Crisis then? I plan to spend about a 100 there or more, saving around 50 (or more) on shipping alone. Well, I'm to hand over the savings in shipping as well.

Well, that went from 0 to full in under 5 seconds. I'll spare you the rest of the argument, but I sit here now telling myself it is all because she's not well yet, she is being irrational but does not know it. Maybe I'm just telling me things but at least it prevents me from being agry at her.

So, any bright spots?

Well, yes, thank you for asking. While browsing the LAF I discovered a topi that has been running for a few months now, called "Elbowtech" link   Years back I was a huge Battletech fan, I have one case with practically every book ever published and another case with what must be around 400 mechs in blister alone, with a couple of 100 based and some even painted. Don't think I ever played more then 5 games in my life with it because it is so dreadfully slow :P Even back then I managed to go overboard. Anyway, Elbowtech. A fans work to make the game run much quicker with less bookkeeping so that you can play a game in an hour. I'm all for that, cause it still does not require a lot of figures to play a game, or use tons of scenery. Better yet, his version is hexless. Since I have not seen my cases of stuff for some time I will keep my eye on his topic, but it sure fired up my reactor. Good memories.

Also, the pre order list for Crisis is almost finished, and I'm still under budget after scratching off a few more things. As it stands now I'm looking at getting the following:

Four Legged Friends GPR022 - 4 animals - 16,20 euro 
One horse cart - GPR013 - 12 Pounds 

Magister Militum 
Pair of Ducks - AM13 - 0.50 Pounds x 8 = 4 Pounds 
Merchants (Hansa Teutonica) - BRU50 - 7,50 Pounds 
Assasin - BRU68 - 4,20 Pounds 

Ainsty Castings 
Mixed Memorials x4 - 2003 - 4 Pounds 
Chest Tomb x2 - 2005 - 3,50 Pounds 

Crooked Dice 
Repair Drone Deal (2pcs) - 4 Pounds 
Scary Statues set - 13 Pounds 

Fenris Games 
Dice Plinth - FGARC28 - 3 Pounds x3 
Chtullu Grave Markers - SKU00421 - 3,75 Pounds 
Lost Shores Ornamental Pool - SKU02213 - 6 Pounds 

Graveyard sprue - 8 Pounds

Sorted by project, Medieval Merchant and Graveyard, with just 1 Sci-Fi item because it is a robot to add to my collection :)

Things that could be axed to save money are the 12 pound cart, the 4 Pounds mixed memorials and 3.50 Pounds chest tombs, and the 4 pound assasin, though I feel that figure makes a excellent thief for Frostgate.

At the show I'm just looking for Vallejo Air metals, some kits from PSC and anything that peaks my interest at the Bring and Buy in the 1 hour break window that I have.

Anything under 200 euro spent will be a good day I think. Not so much that I can't make it back selling stuff, and not too little in new buys for my plans. Though this year, less is better :) (gosh, never thought I would hear myself say that)

vrijdag 2 oktober 2015

No good deed goes unpunished

Is the saying, right?

Last month, I saw Black Tree Design were having a sale on Germans to celebrate the launch of their new website here and I had just received a refund for the missing German package, so decided to order almost the same stuff. Then a few days later, while we are ready to leave on our holiday, the car window motor breaks down and we are told it will cost 175 euros to repair it (later they quoted 475 euros...). I scrounged the money from everywhere I could find it around the house, and decided to cancel the outstanding order at BTD. Their reply was in less then a day, the money back in my account not a day later. And that was the end of it, or so I thought.

Last week I receive a email from BTD telling me my order had shipped. How odd. Maybe their new systems way of getting unfinished orders out of the system. Naively, I thought nothing of it, but I made sure to mention it to Kim just in case.

And then a package arrives, and Kim is asking questions, only to realise that this is the cancelled order. I don't open the box but send a email that evening telling BTD that there has been a mistake, I cannot afford these now, where can I ship them back to?

Their reply:
Hi Johan,

Thank you very much for letting us know. It was a silly mistake. We certainly appreciate your honesty.

Please keep the order with our complements :)  


p.s. I hope your car is fixed :)

Well, that had me speechless for a bit. It is a 30-ish Pound order, quite a bit of money for me. I've just sent them an email to thank them for their kindness and that no, the car is not fixed yet.

This means I have a full platoon (and then some) of Germans so the project is on again!

Buy Black Tree Design! Great Customer Service!

I've also made a to buy list for the Crisis show. Since money is very low right now (i've made some good sales but I'm waiting on a few payments) I've gone over the traders list with a fine comb to see what fits the themes for this year. This years themes are 28mm Graveyard and 28mm Merchants. Both span several games systems, the graveyard even spans multiple periods, so I'm getting the most out of my investment. I then culled the list down from roughly 175 euros to about 100 euros. I will also bring some spending money for the bring and buy and things that slipped past me while browsing the vendors listing. I'm also looking for a set of Vallejo Air metals.

I won't have too much time to spend money anyway though. Will from The Plastic Soldier Company contacted me last week and asked if I'd be willing to help out again with sales, and I said yes to that. As much as I like Crisis, for a autist like me (and quite a few normal people I know too) a day at Crisis means sensory overload. I wear out around 2 o'clock. When helping out Will however, I get a  short break in the afternoon to pick up pre orders and do a bit of sight- and shop seeing, and then I can work non stop till 5 with no problems. I've been in sales for solong, I still thoroughly enjoy it :) Heck, I even get paid to do something I like, though that money will be spent on some of his new releases and the Battlegroup Blitzkrieg book that I could not afford earlier in the year.

Which takes me to the last thing of the evening...well, night, it is already way past 12 again.

A friend of mine pointed out a new company to me, Horizon Creation 3D on Facebook here. They 3D print add ons for buildings and other stuff, are not that expensive but are sadly in the USA so shipping would be prohibitive, or so I thought. Turns out shipping starts at a very reasonable 7 dollars, and you add 50 cents per lot for shipping if you use Ebay. But, as he noted, he does sell directly too if you contact him on FB. Seeing he had a 20% off sale if you contacted him directly, and I had cut my Crisis order almost in half, I made a small order for 2 sets of tall vents, 2 sets of square vents and 2 obelisks to fullfill my 20mm scifi city needs and the obelisks being for the graveyard, but being scaleless, they will work for many, many things. Reply came withing 30 minutes, invoice in another 15 minutes, and I'm now looking forward to seeing my order in a few weeks time. It might even make it in time for my birthday, who knows.

(all pictures Copyright of Horizon Creation 3D. miniatures only for reference)

In case you got interested, here is a link to his Ebay page too:

zondag 27 september 2015

Sci-Fi scrap

Progress report on the scrapyard. Been plundering my bits box for these but I'm not going to add loads of stuff, keep em simple and get them done I say. Somewhere this week I will add cabling and finish off the remaining 2. I've added a 28mm figure and a 20mm figure for reference (Kromlech Ork Pilot and Elhiem Contractor/SF sniper)

01 aka Cone - added some parts, has a hole on the other side that is begging for a cable.

02 (Nameless) - didn't seal properly while drying due to 2 huge sinkmarks. Will cover that part with a tarp.

03 aka Big Rig - had to scratch in some details and cover a few holes. Need to fill one more hole (in the back, so you can't see it).

04 aka Pod - Ready for primer.

05 aka Big One and 06 aka Sensor need more work so won't bother you with pics yet

07 and 08 (Sat 1 and 2) - Both ready for primer, I can build a flat parachute at a later date.

I'm now going to enjoy a long and stressfree sunday, I'll get back to these on monday :)

zaterdag 26 september 2015

Back to my roots

Before the birth of my daughters 2 years ago I had been busy for a while making individual pieces of scrap for a large scrapyard. In come the little ones and the hobby flalls flat. FFW 2+ years and I'm keen to get started again and what better way to pick up an old friend. Kickstarted by Dr. De'ath and his lovely 15mm scrapyard, 2 weeks ago I went out on a local kit trading FB page and swapped a old Jerry bomber for the Mir space station, unbuilt. FFW again to tonights hobby night and I manage to clean up and base all of the parts I wanted, so I'm right about here now:

Now to raid the bitz box for small parts, add cables and wiring, maybe a tarp or two, and then get cracking on painting. The 2 capsules in front will also double as objectives for capture the fallen sattelite games (I'll make a addon base with a fallen parachute) next to being pieces of scrap. As it stands now it is completely scaleless (as I prefer it that way) so it can work from 15mm to 28mm. Hope to make some more progress on these next week.

Stay tuned!

zaterdag 19 september 2015

Doomwheel Part 5

Another step in the right direction with the Doomwheels. Magnetised all 4 of them and did the same for the first 2 weapon sets. I hope to have more sets done soon.

Do you like them?

A nice day out.

Well, all is calm again in house Gunbird. Kim apolagised, we will clean up the attic but will set aside stuff to be sold in my own pace. The new hobbyroom will be completely mine, she will buy a laptop and stay out of my way. And there was lots of cuddling.

So, with that in mind, I was all set to go on a nice day out to the Ducosim show. And promptly forgot to activate my alarm clock! Great start. After a uneventful train ride and a nice morning walk (including a 5 minute heavy rainstorm :( ) I arrived at De Flint in Amersfoort where Ducosim is held. I thought the 7 euro entree fee is a bit high for such a small show, but then again maybe the 10 euro fee I pay for Crisis could be considered cheap.

With a detour via a specialist games store selling card game addons, that had tons of different card sleeves, I found the perfect ones for my Pulp Alley deck, and with enough to spare for future expansions. 3,30 euro feels like a bargain.

Then straight to the Inquisimunda table. Evin, Mo! and Smeets were already there, still working on the paperwork for Mo!'s warband. I took some shots of the table.
3 games were played on this table, each follow up game a lot quicker then the one before as everyone was trying to learn the rules. People went down and stayed down which was a bit odd, as it was very hard to rally people back up. I still feel this type of game is easier and quicker to play with Pulp Alley as the games engine.

Btw, almost everything you see is lasercut by Evin. He cuts in foam and wood, and made things like custom made counters and the simple and elegant stands for the walkways.

When I had a walk around I couls see 2 massive FoW tables, next to us were 2 By Fire and the Sword tables with Dick and Rutger demoing, and there were even a few LotR tables, as well as X-wing. Jan Willem van der Pijl brought his 1 page rules Pirate game which I really shoould try out sometime.

Shops seemed to focus on boardgames and X-wingalmost exclusively, not too many miniatures, only Malifaux and Flames of War were in any volume. 1 trader did have Pulp! Figures and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and even Ronin, but with no money to spend I let those pass.

I did get stuff though:
Previously arranged on a forum, I had planned to meet up with a fellow gamer to take some stuff off hid hands. It turned out toe be the same chap I traded with last Crisis! It was nice to meet again.
A M16 halftrack (I just need the turret to convert a PSC one), 3 miniatures (a goblin just for his funny face, a post apocalyptic Samurai for Inquisitor and a Squig for use in Frostgrave/Mordheim) plus 3 Old Crow Geckos new in their pack, for scatter scenery for Inquisitor, though tbh, seeing how big military jeeps are getting, they could serve in 20mm as well. I'll give them really generic paint jobs.

Had a really nice day, though I think it did not show as I'm still sick and a bit short of breath. Will go to bed early today and have a nice relaxing sunday :)

donderdag 17 september 2015

Welcome to the wonderful (and expensive) world of 28mm AWI CANCELLED

Well, that is it then.

After a year of selling off stuff, slowly building back to be able to paint and game again, and making plans, Kim (after much pushing of her best mate) put her foot down last night and proclaimed the attic must be cleared of all excess stuff pronto and I'm not allowed to buy anything anymore for quite some time. Else there would be consequences for our relationship. Her friend had gotten pretty mad at me for...well, various reasons, and pushed her into acting, for our mutual benefit.

Where I come from this is called emotional blackmail, she said it was in my best interest.

Always trying to avoid problems, I cancelled all trades planned for this and other projects, but spent a lot of time and today thinking about this. Is this really fair? Ok, I have a lot of stuff, and stuff needs to be sold, but I have sold over 2K of stuff in the last year. Does this show? No, of course not, it is all about miniatures...small things. I have a steady rythem of selling and a good thought process if I want to buy things (only current projects, only if I start them within a year, only from funds from sold items). I've made vast improvements to my hobby room. I'm actually looking forward to painting and playing again. It was Kim who told me I should get out more, which is what shows and the AWI project are all about. Or maybe I'm just being dense here, but being told to sell 3/4 of my stuff feels to me like a random figure of someone who has no grasp to what this hobby really is.

Collecting, painting and gaming.

As far as anyone I know or talk to, they all have quite a bit of space, shelving or attic devoted to the storage of their hobby. And it is not like having to sell 3/4's of it will me stop me wanting to buy new things, or go to cons, or learn new games and have evenings of fun with likeminded individuals. At least I hope not.

For some reason or other telling her this hobby is a big part of me and is the one last thing (next to my girls) that keeps me sane and gives me a good reason to get out of bed each day seems to be falling on deaf ears. It actually does with 9/10 of our combined family. Back in college many people were amazed I had the patience to paint such small things, now all I hear are things like "waste of money", "childish" and more comments like that. Not being helped by the fact the room is messy, and the attic does have a lot of stuff in it, and all my painted stuff that people used to wow about is stored in drawers cause I want to keep them safe. So you dont see what is going on in this room.

But threatening to do something about our relationship while we have 2 kids to raise made me snap somewhere in the middle of the night. To have the balls to say something tells me how detatched she is from our mutual reality. Or as Piers said, i should help her pack her things so she can leave. Nobody messes with my hobby. I never tolerated it from previous girlfriends, why would I tolerate it now? Well, because we have kids, and I go out of my way to avoid problems really, I've been bending over backwards for a solid year not to get on her bad side.

Having said that, I say, fuck it. Sales are good at the moment and I will list much more in the coming month. I'll grab a nice share of that for Crisis and have fun one last time this year, and buy what is on the list and maybe a few thinsg that fancy me, and put the rest back into my account for another day. I'll keep clearing stuff at my speed. I work all do, come home to cook and do chores, and have a few hours a night to myself. if I can't even have that, then what's the point?

So, no big group project for me. I can live with that.
No more purchases for some time. Fine, so be it.
No more hobby? Over my dead body.