woensdag 18 september 2019

50 cent challenge - Matchbox Tractor

And it is time for another 50 cent challenge!

So we take one used and abused Matchbox Lesney tractor (stand in picture as I forgot to photograph th edonor that I picked up at a flea market some time ago) and decided it would make a excellent scenic piece to go with my (soon to be delivered) farm. So.....

From this:

To this:

zondag 15 september 2019

Buying the Farm: Vehicle shed finished

 And after 3 coats of varnish, the vehicle shed is done :) I used some Army Painters small bushes I picked up in a sale a while back, they work rather nice, and some Mininatur moss pads.

zaterdag 14 september 2019

WIP vehicle shed (for The Farm)

 I'm working on some other scenery and had some free time, to basecoated the vehicle shed and started work on it. As I'm going for the weathered tin shed look grey primer works great to get work done quickly. A ton of washes and stippling and blowdrying later.....ready for varnish (tomorrow) and finishing (somewhere next week, rather busy atm with stuff for the attic and volunteering work.

zondag 8 september 2019

Da Bloo Toof

 Right, the Ork Transport (supply ship, Gargant transport, free trader that interacts with the Imperium, who knows?) Da Bloo Toof....is done.

Varnished, labelled and ready for the table. Someday. Great trial for other ships, not sure when I will get to them though....

Original model is a Ground Zero Games FT338C Tradewind II class short hauler I ought a couple of years ago, for which I purchased another set of containers, that I pinned into place....and there it languished for quite a while. I can't remember when I picked it up again and just started adding bits to make a really scruffy trader that evolved into a Ork ship....but here she is: Da Bloo Toof. (yes, it's a joke)

zaterdag 7 september 2019

BFG: A Ork....Transport? Cargo Ship? What is it?

It's a cargo ship, fleet resupply ship,Gargant dropship, I dunno :)

The basics are done, letting it all dry so I can varnish it. Then go to town with weathering and highlighting and this, hopefully, will be the next item that is one. Or not.

vrijdag 6 september 2019

Yellow 09

6mm Scotia MiG-21 "Yellow 09" fighter bomber ready to drop some FAB's on Capitalist Forces somewhere in Germany (or insurgents in Afghanistan). 

Not a very good model, the wings are superthin, the tail fin looks like it once broke off, was crudely fixed and then used as a casting master, and comes with empty racks. Added bombs that looked half decent FAB-ish, reset the tail, did my best to make the wings appear level. Copied the scheme off of a MiG deployed in Afghanistan...didn't get thye colours exact but she looks the part. Used the always excellent I-94 decals, in this case first by decalling in white, and overlaying them withthe same decal in yellow, else the yellow is just drowned out. The stars should have white borders....but I don't have those, so there :). It was a fun, if exhausiting build to get her where I wanted it to be, and someday she will be joined by a buddy in the Air Defence role.

woensdag 4 september 2019

Slapping on paint, then watching it dry.

The farm is making nice progress, most of the bases are ready to accept the fine dust I will use for basing. The MiG-21 I made is fully painted, decalled and currently coated in gloss, and will get a second coat of varnish tomorrow, and should be ready for show and tell in the evening. The Ork freighter had the last puttywork done and is ready for primer tomorrow, it will be a testpaint for the Ork Battleship. I've based a car for Gaslands, and added some bobbins to make it more interesting. I magnetised 2 more MiG-21s (no idea why, maybe equip one as a air defence, and the second, just rocket pods? I have no idea how the granulity will be for Northag.

Now, in all of this I'm working on one piece at a time till I can't go any further (due to drying paint, glue or putty) and then grabbing the next piece I'm working on. Keeps it interesting, and should help me with getting more done, in all scales.

So, in comes the box of sprues of Chaos Cultists I picked up last week, and started converting one single mini into a Savlar Chem Dog.....for no other reason than that he looks the part after giving him a new head, new gun and new leg, plus some puttywork.

Puttywork should be solid tomorrow, then add a valve to his back canister and some gizmo in the back of his headto tie in the tubing. No real reason to make him other than wanting a few generic NPC's/Baddies for Inq28/Necromunda.

Even with 10 kilos of die cast cars in the attic, I could not pass up this one in the Goodwill store for 25 cents, ripped off the wing like tail thing, added a small tank and added a Ork shoota barrel to the front. It is ready to be primd tomorrow, is for Gaslands, and I will not start a new car till this one is finished, like the other stuff. I hope to get more stuff done by starting an item for a project and not making a new one till the first one is actually finished. It does mean I will have several models on the g, but try to stick to 1-2 items per project. 

Will it work? I dunno, one way to find out, I suppose. Hands effing hurt, and to mention the watching paint dry bit from the headline, I did the last coat on the backdoor, and the first coat on the kitchen for my kids school.. Just wish the damn flies would stop their Kamikazi attacks on drying paint <sigh>.

Now, to put my hands on ice, and get some sleep.