maandag 26 februari 2024

What lurks in the Jungle....

 Trying my best with 1 fucntional eye, 1 crappy brush (cause I'll be damned where my box of brushes is) and working 1 hour each evening. Quick pic of this for 15mm Vietnam. More later. 

woensdag 17 januari 2024

On the 17th day....

 ....I have not spent money on new models, but I did trade old models for a few boxes of Battlefront rice paddies. I now have 5 boxes worth of paddies, but the boxes are trashed so these will get their own box. 

Should be fine for a 2x2 table (small Russian truck for scale)

For Vietnam I'm now sorted for GI's (need to base and paint), Vietcong (same), paddies (need tufting), I have houses etc in MDf ready to be built, plenty of roads. Anything else can come later.

Mostly sorting out old stuff otherwise, trips down to memory lane seeing some things. But I can't keep everything, I'm lacking in space and if you have not done anything with it for a good point in keeping it (scenery excluded).

Otherwise no news from the hobby front. Can't see <ahem> anyway with my right eye, hopefully it will be a simple fix. 

maandag 1 januari 2024

First post of 2024 - we are going to keep it simple

 Right, 2023 is gone, long live 2023.

I don't have a lot planned cause it turns me and plans just don't get along. But I do have these:

  1. I'm not buying new models in 2024. I have more than enough for several lifetimes, and with my hands not getting along (and to add insult to that injury, my right eye will no longer focus or turn properly so I'm seeing double most of the time). I can sell models, I can trade models, but I can't buy new stuff. 
  2. Keep the goddamn room clean - Work, clean, and keep it that way till the next time. Yes, eczema sucks, but so does having skin dust all over, wvereywhere. Especially in your paint or varnish.....
  3.  Do more reviews. I have a lot of stuff still needing to be built, and in the past people enjoyed reading them.
  4. Just have fun. I don't have a endgoal hobby just have fun.


And that's it. If I have stuff to sell I'll list it here first, just in case. 

Have a nice year y'all

woensdag 13 december 2023

Race to the drain cancelled.

 I've had a little setback hands and brainwise so nothing new to show.

I have however a little bit of news. Not bad or good, not sad or happy news. I've been declared 100% unfit for work or arbeidsongeschikt as we call it here. It took me 7 years of fighting to finally accept that this isn't going to work (ha, pun!) anymore.

In my last report the Doc cleared me for 6 hours a day, 30 hours a week of light office work, but the Jobcoach (Arbeidsdeskundige) not only fully disagreed with thatc onclusion, he went against it in full force as the Doc was being very vague and overly optimistic that I would be fully healthy again soon. A pretty bold claim seeing I've been slowly getting worse year after year.

Final call, 100% unable to work. And I'm forbidden to work in a callcenter again as those are deemed detrimental to my health.Which leaves....nothing, in my condition. 

So that is that.No more constant pressure to get back to work, crash again, repeat.

Next week back into the hospital for more Neurological tests, after that possible surgery on my hands again, which might make things better.....questionmark?

Hobbywise....I hope to have something nice to show you soon. maybe.

zaterdag 28 oktober 2023

The Last War - Scenery WIP 2

 All the wood is now finished, and craters made and spackeled. A few detailing bits to add like a shrine or a ladder and then it is time to hit the primer for everything and start making a muck mix for the top, as well as coil all the barbed wire.And then it is creature time, I'm already working on a few testers to see if I like the look etc.   

dinsdag 17 oktober 2023

The Last War - scenery WIP 1

 I literally dropped one of my entries on the floor thanks to my brilliant hands and I gave up on them all. Seeing my hard work shatter in many pieces.....yeah.

So, I grabbed a sheet of free styrofoam and cut it into smaller bits and made 2 test pieces for The Last War.
Those came out really good, but 5cm was too tall so I recut everything I had made down to 4 cm. 

And that's how I have been spending my evenings. They are big, durable when dropped.

I'm doing them as tinned sheet and wood trenches. Everything completely in wood really nackered my wrists so that was out. I'll be adding details to some, but not all. I only need enough for a 2x2 area, but making more than enough to cover a 4x4 table for Killteam as well (might as well, right?)



zaterdag 30 september 2023

Goodbye house, thanks for the memories

 Even if I have not lived here for the last 18 months, it has been a big part of my adult life. The things I did, the things I've seen and lived will stay with me for as long as memory will keep them alive...which makes it a good thing that I have pictures as oh boy has Covid done a number on the old noggin

Goodbye Elzengaard 54, may your new owners treat you as well as we have treated you, and protect them as well as you have protected us.


Bye hobbyroom. Even if you never hosted a game, you were the nicest room I ever had to myself.