dinsdag 21 april 2015

Nurgle Warband plans

In case you are wondering, I'm building opposition for my Inquisitor(s) first. Nurgle is the first of my Opfors, and I'm feeling really creative for them. My Nurgle won't be full of boils, tears and holes in them, I prefer them much more muted, worn and used, pale and sickly with just the occasional boil. Lot's of rusted and worn equipment.

I intend to build the following:
  • Leader, ogre sized
  • 2nd in Command
  • Priest
  • Cultists
  • Fast Assault aka Nurgle drones x3
  • Heavy Support aka Doomwheels x4
  • Real size Nurgle Space Marines 1-2x
  • Servoskulls aka mini Blight Drones x5
And just cause we like visuals, for the leader something like this:
2nd in command must be this:
...but with a Chaos plasma pistol instead of a mace.

Priest....undecided. I have a not Chaos Dwarf one that I really like from a company who's name I forgot that is slated for a Mordheim Chaos Warband, but could be drafted in here. Also very nice would be this guy:
(the chap on the left)...and a tad more expensive!

Cultists will be the standard plastic Chaos cultists with a suitable paintjob. Cannonfodder anyway. And I have 60 of them spare from a previous buy.

Drones and Doomwheels you know, for real size Marines just google the term. I've got loads of marine parts in trades so I can build a few for fun, though I will just do 1 or 2 as they will be quite overpowered and only for special occasions :) Mini Blight Drones are also mentioned in the previous posts.

Oh, and chainswords/chainaxes/chainfists will future heavily....for some reason I feel this is a perfect Nurgle weapon, ripping and rending foes apart, creating nasty if not deadly wounds. You can see the theme in the model selection :)

I'll get more ideas as this goes along, but these are the bits I want to be working on for the next few months.

donderdag 16 april 2015

Plague Drone problem.....solved! Plus some additional planning.

While checking for bits last night, I ran into a small problem.

I picked up the fans for 7 euros including shipping, but that store is sold out. I've already sent a message asking if they will sell more in the future. I don't have too many other options, only 1 bits trader has them (4.50 USD per set plus 10 dollars shipping) or as full kit anywhere from 7 to 14 dollars, shipping for 6-18 dollars from Russia or the US.

The bodies and leg bits are available (for now) and will set me back 20-22 euros with free shipping. Some US sources are a bit cheaper but shipping costs kill that dead, unless I can combine that with one that sells the fans too. I'll do the math on that tonight.

The dilemma is, do I buy the bodies and legs and convert them anway, waiting till I find a new source of fans? Do I halt the project and make only 1? Shall I attempt to make a greenstuff mould of one of the fans and see if I can make a GS copy of that (but if I do that, it is easier to sculpt on the nurgly bits first, and then make a mould of it. Or try anyway)

The latter being the cheapest option, if more troublesome, the other 2 more costly (20 dollars for just 4 fans is a big cut out of my budget, so I really hope my seller can get them back in stock so I only have to spend 11 euros for the 2 full kits, keeping the costs as low as possible.)

I long for the days when I had money and no time now :D


Just got an email from the seller of the Robogear Thunder, he forgot to pay attention to Ebay and his auctions ran out, but he has tons of the stuff in stock on Ebay again now. I checked and yes he does, so that problem is solved.

To curb myself, and my spending, I've decided to limit myself to 50 euros a month for the hobby, for an unlimited time starting now. My gf says it is 50 euros too much, but whatever I can sell will be added to the budget. There is no reason for me to spend the budget every month, it might even grow, but the max spending is now capped at 50, period. I hope to spend as little as possible and continue to trade stuff with others, thus keeping my spending in check. Having said that, I've just calculated that for May I have planned a spending of 70 euros, 1 of which is a trade for resale, 2 for running projects and one is just cause I like the models for my own collection. So either a few purchases will have to be moved to June, or I will need to sell stuff, to stay within the 50 limit.

Basically, the less I spend, the more I will have left for Crisis in November this year. Though I want to cap that at 200 euros cash in hand as well, and pre order as much as possible (for discounts).

For the rest I will make to have due with what I got, and sell more unwanted stuff to clear the room and create a budget for the wargames table Mini.

Plenty temptation on hand though. TSS just started a Not going to Salute 15% off sale which would be handy for some 15mm bits for conversions....but I still have a 10 Pound voucher for them so I can wait. Same goes for a loveley Kickstarter that is perfect for Inquisitor., Axiom's Colony 87

These are a set of excellent sculpts, I love every single one of them, they are perfect for Inquisitor. Just one problem. 35 Pounds for a set, 3 Pounds shipping. 38 Pounds, that's 53 euros of my money for 6 figures! Kickstart will run for a month, but I won't pledge as I simply cannot afford these right now, not while I have so many other figs lying around, waited to be painted for Inquisitor. I do want to purchase these in the future, maybe ask them for my birtday or something (fat chance for that mate!) as they will be released eventually, and seeing how succesful the first batch is sofar just a few days in, there are bound to be more sets.

That's it for today, now I'll pack my case with brushes and tools as I will be having a bit of hobby time in the new GW shop tomorrow. My first time out, hobby wise, for ages. I'm not taking any money with me though other then for a bite to eat and a drink.

woensdag 15 april 2015

Doomwheel, part 3

It has been a extremely good week sofar for the Doomwheels. Today, a letter arrived from Australia with 4 round half bits in em, enough for one Doomwheel. Thx Mr. Zeidler! Yesterday, a bits box arrived that I had won on Ebay.de a few weeks back but had been slow coming as for some reason the seller didn't send his bank details, but only wanted a bank transfer. A few emails later.....

...a GW Batallion box ends up on my doorstep. In it almost 700 grams of Space Marine, Chaos Space Marine and vehicle bits, plus a few assorted Bretonnina bits that will be handy for Mordheim and a few nice Eldar weapon bits that will be handy for my Kroot conversions. I had made a bid on the box cause I saw at least 7 bits that would be useful for the Doomwheel, and figured the rest would make good trade fodder. Boy, was I in for a surprise! In it were 22 bits that I need for the Doomwheels, half round bits, ring mounts, weapon mounts, plates, the works. And 3 Terminator Assault Cannons, which sell for more or less what I paid for the box in the first place. Also, a set of small multiple missile launchers from a Terminator were in the box, so in theory, if I found enough parts to make a 5th, a missile version could be made. Or I could equip them with magnets (all or just a few) so I could magnetswap the weapons around....meaning I would be able to do a heavy bolter or twin linked bolter versions as well. Or whatever weapons would tickle my fancy really. I'll put some more thought into that this week

Also in the box was a set of 4 exhausts from the bottom of a drop pod....which come in handy for Epic sized Blight Drones as built here > epic-blight-drones-tutorial I'll make moulds of the 4 engines so I can cast them quicker, and get a few servoskull sized lasgun or similar weapon only Nurgle nasties to field alongside my big boys. Parts for these I have already, got a bag of painted and unpainted Tyranid Rippers from a lot of Nids I once picked up for BFG conversions that are just perfect for this.

So, more Nurgle nasties for the Inquisitor team to fight :)

Also, payday is coming up, and I will set aside funds to buy bits for the other 2 Plague Drones....should be about 20 euros in parts (with free shipping) and 7-8 euro plus 4 euros shipping for the engines. I'm aiming to limit my spending to 50 euros for May, if I want to spend more I'll have to sell more, simple as that. There is 12,50 Pounds left in my Paypal account that I want to save for the AK-47 purchase, Also, I will be visiting the new GW store for some painting advice and chats on friday with nothing but 1 euro cash on me for a can of soda....that way there will be no impulse buying of any sorts. And after that I will visit my storage space to look for my Mordheim rulebook and more stuff to sell.

Oh, and I have 4 basic Doomwheels finished now. They build so easily :)

zaterdag 11 april 2015

Imperial Roadway Shrines, part 2

And since I could not sleep yet, I made my first shrine. A bit of doodling in 3D using brass rod, greenstuff bits and a 25mm multiplex 2mm base (I'm not a fan of GW's version of concrete shoes). I'm not going to junk the base, when painted, I'll probably dust it with some light pigments, but no grass or anything. And you can make up your own story why there is another loose cable on the side  :D

The back looks a bit rough, but is actually smooth. Not everything is perfectly straight, but I'm not an engineer  ;)

vrijdag 10 april 2015

Doomwheel, part 2

I've sidetracked the drone for now. I know I want 2 or 3 more, but simply cannot afford the expense atm of an additional 30 euros in shipping and parts for 2 more, and buying a box of them is way out of my league (46 euros).

I received several envelopes with bits sofar, either paid for the shipping or got them for free, for which I thank my benefactors. My mate Sander even sent me a box full of Imperial Guard en Space Marine bits for nothing, bless him. Anyway, we had a brainstormsession tonight with a few mates to see how we want to arm them. Options were assault cannons, lascannons, twin bolters, heavy bolter, (heavy) flamer, CCW, meltaguns, plasmaguns, next to the twin linked bolter that is already on it (the gargoyle faces). It had to be within budget for 2 more models, so a total of 4, for a max of 10 euros of additional bits. Nothing beats a brainstormsession while kneedeep in bits, and with a budget looming!

In the end, we settled for a twin Assault cannon version using the Dreadnaught assault cannon so it can double as a grenade launcher, twin autocannons using the old Ork Biker ones, twin (heavy) flamer one using the Sentinels flamers and a CCW version using lots of left over spikes and pointy bits, plus 2 CCW off the Sentinel (that nobody ever uses). Thx to my mates Sander's giftbox we managed to find all of the weapons in one go! I've got enough parts to make 2 more basic wheels (just tanktracks and 5x 40mm 2mm thick round bases glued together) and I'm edging towards using biker bases for these, 50x25mm pill shaped ones. 12 of them in 2mm MDF will set me back 1.20 Pounds but then the postage hits. Hmmm. I've got a big bag of plastic 25x50mm bases....not a hard choice, I will just round off the edges and save me the expense. Jay, 10 euros saved!

Now off to actually build 2 more.

donderdag 9 april 2015

AK-47 (Objectives)

Another project I want to tackle this year is AK-47. In 15mm. I've even found 2 mates interested in it, enough that they will actually paint up stuff. I realise it is just as expensive in 20mm, so I will be extremely selective for this one and focus 75% on second hand purchases, if I can find peoples unused or barely painted starter armies.. The other 25% will be Peter Pig directly and Ebay.

I've already made a deal with someone to buy his unuesed start army, but I'm having trouble aquiring enough funds...sales are slow, very slow. And I really want to fund this with sales only. So it will have to wait for a bit before I collect the nescessary 55 Pounds.

The to be aquired army is 90% technicals, and a single tank. The troops are mostly militia and regular army miniatures. Some weapons are mixed in, mostly for mounting on the Technicals.

I already have the rules, and will be focussing on a Dictatorship army (though none of the units will be specific, I'm keeping them as generic as possible) simply cause I have a Matakashi statue!

28mm miniature repurposed as a 20mm and now a 15mm statue. And if he is ever deposed, then....

I've got practically nothing 15mm scale left, other then my painted sci-fi vehicles and cause I used WW2 vehicles for them, they won't look half bad really. And some buildings I gave away for free to Piers, those will be returned to me.

I pulled from my aircraft kit collection a 1/100 Mi-4 and a Mil-24, sorting out air mobile and anti tank/ground support, and I'm in the middle of trading some 1/72 kits for  1/100 propliners for the national airport I want to build. I do think I might need to make some smaller flight stands for these, but I'm stumped where to get the ones I have, but smaller, but still have a bendable end. Better call on the powers of the various fora I think for that one.

Which leads me to posting a long list of possible objectives to build :)
  • Baoab tree
  • Goldmine
  • Oilwell
  • Sacred rock
  • Monument (sorted)
  • Train station
  • Bridge (rail)
  • Bridge (road)
  • Arms shipment
  • Aid convoy/shipment
  • Crashed Blackhawk
  • Crashed Aircraft (Aid/Drugs)
  • Hospital
  • Church
  • UN Compound/School/Distribution Centre/Orphanage
  • School
  • Presidential Palace
  • Plantation
  • Factory
  • Airport
 Stay tuned for more, like the Quest for a Leader or What's in a Name? and other interesting stuff.

Oh, and you can blame Jim for this. I've been following his Blog for years now, and his exploits have been my shining example: Jims Wargames Workbench

woensdag 8 april 2015

Imperial Roadway Shrines, Part 1

One of my ideas to get back into 28mm is to make small bits of scenery like I do in 20mm. I can do a million things, but I thought a nice, and small but expandable project would be fun to get my head around. I always look for everyday items to put on a table, so I chose something I see several times a day, road shrines / chapels. I made a topic about it on the LAF I imagine you can find those on all Imperial worlds, from Hive to Agri world, and dedicated to Saints, loved ones or simply the Imperial version of a roadsign we locally call a paddestoel.

A what? A paddestoel. Or in English: a mushroom shaped roadsign, low to the ground, meant for people cycling on paths outside of the city.

Anyway, I've been doodling a bit and came up with these 3 for starters.

1 is a little more complex then I want to tackle right now, 3 is a pole with a light (a certain Saint shining  a light on a path) which will be very easy to do, but for now I will focus on the middle one, as I have plenty parts for it casted up and I feel I can duplicate this one easily, I'll just need to make the cables thin enough for my liking.

I see the middle one like a icon dispensing Imperial creed guidance to those passing by, there will be a grill on the back for a speaker/cooling vent of sorts, with cables going down into the base plate, on a 20-25mm base

Greenstuff moulds seem to work 3 times out of 4, though the ones that aren't perfect are not bad either, and most likely reworked into bases and stuff. These 2 bits are all I need now for the top part, I'm looking for a bit to base the pole on right now. Left is a vent from the structures boxes GW make, the right one is from the Dark Angels Landspeeder I think? I've casted quite a few of those, a very useful bit I think.