dinsdag 3 december 2019

Sarissa Black Friday Sale. I bought stuff.

I bit the bullet and bought the 20mm factory and the extension pack at Sarissa's Black Friday Sale.

25 euros for the factory, and I added the Industtrial Factory Bundle 1 (Discounted from 67 to 59 euros) after realising the 20% off coupon worked on it, and I ended up charging my card for 63.50 Pounds including shipping, and this gives me a entire factory complex that I can use as a ISIS Tank repair shop (looking at Contact Front rules for that), a deserted factory near Chernobyl for Stalker (looking at Zone Alfa rules for that) or for a Cantonnage for TW2K. And probably a ton of other ideas, keep it basic, seperate details to be set aside. Also gives me a reason the long stretch of tinned sheet fence I made but have yet not painted.

Yes, Black Friday is a bit dirty......but it did save me some real money (no fake deals) and I used the day (and weekend) to sell a ton of model kits so I bought some proper shoes as well ((not)cheap trainers be gone, proper walking shoes in the house now as I'm walking more these days ....even though it hurts more) and the rest is going in the petty cash drawer. God knows I'll need it before the attic is finished.....

maandag 2 december 2019

Ikea Norden; my new, next, best gaming table? Also: seriously stressed out!

So.....11 days till they chainsaw a large opening in our roof to install the 5 metre wide dormer, and the rest should be done by the end of February at the latest (then  we can paint, lay a floor (well, other people, I can get down to the floor but I'm not coming back up again), dad has volunteered time and tools for that) and I'm hemmoraging money like water. But the accident settlement will pay for that, and now I'm looking forward to the future again. I'd rather have a painfree and depression free future, but hey, beggers can't be choosers.

I've been selling off a lot of my kit collection....as much as I like all those aircraft, where will I put them when they are finished? Yes, my floorspace will increase, but my actual wallspace will be a lot less. My deskspace in front of the window will increase to 3 metres, more if I get a L shaped table for both ends, less if I get smaller ones and plant a a double stack of Alex cabinets in between, which makes all of my stock of resin, plastic etc easily available. Or get a slightly bigger desk and put 2 stacks of  Alex beside the workstation as that really helps out with the space.

Well, what I do know, is that I will not be buying anything till the attic is done, my current stuff has been brought upstairs, and I can see what fits that I actually have. All the stock and storage stuff can be put aside for the time being, at least then I know what has to go as well (and can fund new room thingies....ehm, furniture.

Sorry, bit stressed. So much money, so dependant on others to get things done and if there is anything I loathe is to depend on others as I feel I am losing control. But that is not just a Aspie thing, Kim is going slightly bananas as well atm with all of the planning work.

I also built stuff, and I am trying to rest my hands as much as possible.....but that is for another post.

woensdag 27 november 2019

Sarissa Precision Airstream trailers, also a mini-review

My Sarissa Precision Crisis purchases arrived today (together with my Zinge order, which was nice)

I picked up 2x Airstream Trailer (28mm) for my TNT Trailer park, 1x Russian Dacha (20mm) and Russian Timber townhouse (20mm) to go with my Russian collection for WW2/Modern (of which, to date.....nothing is built?)

I had planned to take a rest with my hands as ye olde hands are giving me all sorts of trouble, but when this lot arrived today I really want to stick to my guns......MDF gets built, Resin gets washed and based (and nothing for plastic as I've been selling a ton of that, not buying any new).

 It's a kit with 1 sheet of MDF and 1 sheet of greyboard/cardboard, and 2 pages of instructions, which are pretty clear, even if the cut card  at the ends of the trailer is different than what is shown on the instructions....but the end result is the same :)

Building an MDF kit isn't hard, take your time and dryfit after cleaning the parts, then glue and do it 1 step at a time. I'm using my knock off Mod Podge for it, for the drying time mostly and ease of use.

Rubber bands are your friend in this case, it makes sure you get a nice bond on all the curves. And this has a lot of curves.

 Even with my hands as they are, I made this in a bout 3 hours (so you people with functioning hands shoudl have it done in 60 minutes or so) as it's not a ton of parts you have to put together.

I did make 2 changes, the gastanks as supplied are a bit too basic for me, but that is why I picked up the Zinge small gastanks as it just looks better. And a Zinge breezeblock to support it as the cruciform stick that comes with it is a bit bare. I'm also looking at replacing the ventilation thingamajig on top with something else. Oh, the door doesn't come with a doorknob, but from the picture on the website I can guess they used the round punch outs from the trailer frame as a knob. Works fine, so I will do that too.

To ensure a long life, both of these will be based, and put in my Post Apoc collection. Not sure when I have these finished.  

All in all, a nice little kit for the 9 Euros it costs (when writing this), and for that, you get a nice caravan you can use as is, with other caravans, as an objective or as a LOS blocker, and equally at home on a Cold War, Zombie War or Post Apoc table.


maandag 18 november 2019

50 cent challenge: "Please hold"

Todays episode is brought to you by free stuff from the Goodwill. When asking what these 2 cost I was waved off and told I could have them for free. So....0 cents this time.

They are from a Burago playset I believe, as I had this as a child, with roads, and curbs, signs etc. They might be a tad large, but the shape is fine and and the plastic is decent-ish, pretty solid even, with a minor bit of flex.

So, with a Warlord 60mm base, some skellies, lots of dirt, paint, paper, some 28mm scaled books I picked up for Frostgrave, a old Chaos decal and a GW Imperial Guard telephone later, we have these 2.....

 And these go right into the Post Apoc collection.....

zondag 17 november 2019

Rusty old hog

Finished the first of the GW 40K bike wrecks, only took like....forever. Wheels will get recycled some way, they live in my bits box now. No papers or anything, thought it was good enough and I want to clear the table. Goes straight into my Inq28, Necromunda and Post Apocalyptic pile.

Oh, and 2 aluminium canisters, like the ones I keep hoarding in Fallout 4. From TT Combat I believe. To be put inside scenery at a later date.

zaterdag 16 november 2019

Gaslands Biker

Picked up 2 sets of the new Gaslands sprues at Crisis, and this is the first biker built and painted. Nothing earthshattering, small conversion with a Matchbox PaK40 gunshield and a old plastic Vickers from the Matchbox SAS set, and a blanket roll from the same set. And 3 other small bits on the exhaust and the gunsight. Decals are from the Revell 1/144 A-10 Warthog.

vrijdag 15 november 2019

Spare teeth

Sometimes less is more. I had a bunch of slanted Dragons Teeth from Italeri spare, so some simple 10cm bases, a bit of sand and done, no need for tufts etc. 6mm SciFi game anti mech barrier, 15mm scifi roadblock, 20mm Gaslands barrier, 28mm parking barriers. Anything goes really., and covers all of my interests