dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Broken Eagle

First thing I have managed to paint since starting a new job. Got 2 hours of painting time a week max now so 6mm is ideal.

Will double as a objective marker and airfield rubble for those late 45 games. Nicked the idea off the cover of a book about Capriquet, which shows a Focke Wulf doing a nosestand on the tarmac. Used a old, low quality model for these, so old it comes with a cast on landing gear and lots of extra tin that I had to file off. I might do another dio with some more wrecks as soon as I can find my box with all of the little aeroplanes in it.

Paint could be better but I like to finish things in 2 sittings (paint in one, vanrish in the second) so I find this very acceptable. I hope you agree.

vrijdag 25 april 2014


What it says on the tin, craters.

Will work as 105mm and up ones in 6mm and mortar sized ones in 20mm. Round 30mm base.

donderdag 24 april 2014

6mm lives!

Mymy, a year has passed so quickly. Better get cracking then on the rest.

All Heroics and Ross 6mm. Big bases are 40x20mm, small base is 20x20mm. B&G on the Supply truck is "Benzin und Gasoline" which I nicked off a 1939 Blitz photograph and is perfect for a resupply vehicle, albeit a fuel one.

zaterdag 19 april 2014

Death on a small scale

Death on a small scale.

I managed to find some strength and painted this last night, mostly with washes. It is a Heroics and Ross Panzer IVD hull mated to a later model turret, with schurzen made from plasticcard. I copied the wreck from online photographs, as I do all the time.

For my Battlegroup forces this will be a casualty marker or a objective marker, whatever is needed more and, more importantly, looks better.

1 euro cent shown for size.

I might need to add another coat of matte, I don't think this one was mixed properly.

woensdag 9 april 2014

Status update, or why I've been away for 3 months.

I'm not dead. But I am in the middle (I hope) of what is my 2nd depression in so many years.

Depression sucks. It really saps the life out of you. Not having a job atm isn't helping. There is not much you can do about it other then relaxing and talking about it.

Which I'm not going to do on this Blog. I made this solely for gaming and not for ventilating my psyche. But I felt some of you might want to know what is wrong, what is still wrong tbh, and why I haven't posted in a while.

Have I done any gaming? None this year, I've even stopped visiting fora and such. I just don't care.

Have I done nothing gaming related? Well, I did. I've had some brighter moments, I've visited a local (30 mins drive) club to see if there would be anything for me and a mate there (and yes, there is) so thats noted for the future. And I've been doing quite a bit of work for Shipwreck, a fast paced Cold War naval rulesset. I've written up about 30 freighters and tankers of various plumage and just started out doing the entire Dutch navy, halfway now.

I'm really happy with that last part, it feels a bit like work and I can maintain my computer skills by doing all of the research and noting down data in Powerpoint sheets (which are then printed out so each ship has their own stat card). I made a ton of missile counters as well, so as soon as my mood is a bit less cloudy again I'll grab the bits and start doing a few scenarios and posting the results here. But don't get your hopes up too soon about seeing painted models on the table and fancy pictures. Cause I have not felt like painting anything at all this year, and that includes the new kitchen.

But thats no biggie, the paint ain't going anywhere and printed counters are just as good of a substitute....even easier to pack and store.

Happier days are around the corner, I just need a bit of time.

vrijdag 10 januari 2014

Started work on Refugees

In Fall of the Reich (FotR) there is an optional rule that lets the German player move a group of refugees across a road towards a tableedge. If the group succesfully moves off the table the German player can place a random chit back in the pot.

Optional, but just my cup of tea.

The guidelines is 2 stands with refugees, and I will make one with just walkers, and this one, with 2 horses, a cart and everything but the kitchen sink.

The cart is a WW1 German field cart from HaT, kindly donated to me by Sander. In the pic there are 2 cows in front of it, but when finished there will be 2 horses, the cows being livestock I'm painting for Normandy. I sculpted (damn. I'm rusty with that) a matress to lie in the back next to the bath tub. It will need a few more bits to fill it up properly,

I'll be doing loads of WW2 this year as I've joined the 2014 Build over at the Guild, picking the WW2 theme so I can be as diverse as possible, and maybe I'll do some 6mm next to my 20mm as well. A refugee column in 6mm shouldn't be too hard to do :)

Lot's more to come.

maandag 30 december 2013

Back to the junkyard.

Finally, another addition to the junkyard. During my last stay in Ireland I got some miscatst from Brian at the Hobbyden, and this is from that lot. If you like the model, it is a 20mm Mercedes, code HD16 and reatails for 6.50 euro. Makes for a great Middle-eastern taxi cab or a bit of scenery for your Cold War games in Germany. Or in my case, as a hunk of junk.

Anyone recognise the stickers on the windshield? :)