woensdag 1 april 2020

Set up.....complete?

Decided to go over the 2nd hand groups one more time and keep looking for tables, and ended up finding a seller who was selling the contents of a bankrupt office. But not at used shops prices, always a big bonus! (100 euros including shipping)

I settled on  a double workdesk as it came in just 4 pieces and 8 bolts, so that made it manageable to get up the attic. Assembling it took maybe 10 minutes in all, and I unscrewed one side, slotted it against the other table, drilled new holes and fixed it in place. So....now I have a 200cm x 160cm gaming table / hobby space.

The only issue, and it is a minor one, is that the height of the table is 72.5cm....but is has smallthreaded risers in the feet that I might be able to get risers to screw in or even lockable wheels, who knows.

Next up cleaning out more cases to see what I can sell, and try to get some 40x60 sheets of 10mm multiplex so I can add my large surplus of wheels underneath them and make my crates a bit more mobile (and save my back)

Also a plus: a large space for the girls to draw and play when Kim wants them out of the living room :D

zaterdag 21 maart 2020

How do you like this set up? (games table)

Looked at what my max possibilites are gaming table wise. Storage underneath, book case at the end. You can move around the 3 sides easily enough. What do you think?

zondag 8 maart 2020

Change is afoot

A few changes are happening (or are about to happen).

I'm currently halfway into my course on Chronic Pain Management, and, as I was warned beforehand, my pain levels and pain killer use seem to be maxed out on a daily basis. Excercise is going ok-ish, saying no to people (as not to overextend myself) could be better, but at least some progress has been made. It's nice to be back in a regular small group of people, who more or less have the same issues. It's costing me a small fortune in parking fees though, sheesh.

It's been 4+ years since my accident, in this time I got another degree, did internships and looked for jobs that my physique and mind can handle. Sofar....no luck. My benefits will run out on the 18th and I've been to the benefits agency to be tested by their physician to see what my future possibilities are with my current (and future) limitations. This could mean I'm 100% cleared for work, or 100% not, or anything in between. As much as I want to work again, I aso have to take into account what I can handle on a daily basis. Which to be honest, isn't much. I can do a bit of work, either physical or mental, and need frequent breaks just to keep going for a few hours. Hardly alluring for employers...and bloody annoying to run a house hold with2  small children. Anyway, I should have a decision from them in 1-2 weeks and from there we will see how my life gets turned upside down, again <sigh>

Moving on up (into the attic) is going rather well, but in bursts. As I'm being taught now to put myself (and my family) first I just planned 2 afternoons a week to work on getting stuff up to the attic. The occasional box or item in between is fine, but by planning I can get some help from Kim or a friend to lift stuff up. I'm quite happy with the results sofar, even if it is going slow......steady wins the race. Also, it's very relaxing to be uphere with the wind and rain tapping on the window.

(Ignore the labels, they all need to be resorted and reprinted....at a later date)

And I've even done a bit of modelling <shocker>

A old Airfix Chi-Ha I picked up for 3 euros, now a wreck for Vietnam. Well, it will be once painted and tufted.

Right, I'm knackered.....more later this week.

donderdag 27 februari 2020

Clean Desk Policy

Slowly moving stuff up into the attic storage space. Tired from everything, and having a shot fuse makes a not very fun Johan. Can't wait till the old room is cleaned out so we can start rebuilding it for Nikki, and I have a ton of sorting to do.

Till then, I'm enjoying my new desk space, but I really need to find a webcam with a decent mike so I can do more voice to text as my hands are killing me. And yes, I realize I'm very lucky to have such a fantastic space. Just sometimes wish that the reason I have been able to pay for all of this had never happend, as sometimes it is just too much and the pills cannot dull the pain.

maandag 10 februari 2020

Aziz, light!

Hung the main room LED panel. Didn't fit as advertised. Got fed up, took a break, grabbed 30 cents worth of washers from my spares box and dropped the light by 6mm, and then everything fit.

Shot taken with door closed and screen closed (pitch black room) and new light on. Thats a lot of light :)

Same one will be over my workdesk, still figuring out the best way to mount it.Also fixed the ripped out door with longer screws, and replaced them with the other doors as well.


zondag 9 februari 2020

Sea of Grey

Everything is painted, and the first room has the levelling compound added. Not long now, hope to start laying floring this week :) Next weekend we will level the other room (as we can't drag down the washer/dryer)

Looks lovely as is, tbh. Soundproofing though, not so much....

The leveller did open one of the doors thinking it opened away from the wall.....and completely ripped it out of the wall. Oops.  The builder apolagised, but he and I know those are the standard screws that come with such doors. I'll put in new, longer ones somewhere this week. Shame about the door, but such is life.

I made a small visit to Gerard Boom (from Shifting Lands) to have a chat and pick up a set of power pylons for This is not a Test. They are a bit basic, but look the part and are easy enough to build, only 1 part gave me a bit of a headache and that got sorted soon enough. There are no power line couplings so I will have to scratchbuild those or have someone lasercut them for me so I can add them. Every little bit helps.

I also picked up some used H0 bits, a fixed crane, a diesel/LPG btank and a transformer housing. This, combined with the 5 bags of Faller Cemnet Factory and Diesel Storage I picked up the other day, will keep me busy for a while.  After stripping the broken (or easily broken) parts I'm now at this stage, all parts for the factory complex. They need details that I can't add atm as my tools are hidden behind all of the crates. Oh well.

donderdag 23 januari 2020

Sanding the floor, glacier style

One of our friends had offered to sand the concrete as it is a bubbly and wavy mess, with lots of cracks, holes and raised pebbles. Not quite up to date to current conrete casting tbh (far from it). He does this for a boss, but wasn't scheduled to work today so he passed by to help us out.
Our contractor scoffed at the idea, didn't think it would be easy at all to sand the concrete, but he did not take into account the industrial model sander our friend brought with him (it didn't look like much, but the sander had some serious big cutter teeth discs)

Like a glacier went over a rock bed, excellent, he really knows his job well. I need to bring up a large level tomorrow and go over the floor and see which areas need levelling before we can put down the flooring.

We stripped back the old stairsway up to the attic.....removed all the bits of carpet, and about 5 kilos of staples, nails and dirt. Will be sanded tomorrow.

Slow but steady, we are getting there.

dinsdag 21 januari 2020

I have the power! (sort of)

We had the electrician visit us today and all the sockets and switches have now been fitted. 1 UTP port was extremely annoying and had both of us scratching our heads trying to sort out the error code we kept getting for a good 30 minutes of fitting and refitting the socket. And then it just worked...all hail the Omnissah?

We should be able to put in the floor in the weekend of 1-2nd, maybe even get the desk upstairs, maaaaybe I can get the computer and assorted equipment set up....but I'm not pushing my luck.

And now we will look at some shocking socket pics.

And the electrical sunscreen/anti theft thingamajig is now operational as well.

Meanwhile.....I've started a 10 week pain management course to see if I can raise my energy levels. Can't say too much about it, but it is a group of 40-60 year olds that have the same issues as I do. Very tiring though.....

vrijdag 17 januari 2020

The end is nigh....part 2 :)

Plaster is done, doors are done, most of the work on the stairs is done. Now everything has to dry before we can continue. The weather is ok for the coming time (well, a bit much for early January, I'm seeing flowers and trees starting to blossom) so it should dry quick enough....I hope.

dinsdag 14 januari 2020


After several delays the guys pulled a 14 hour day (and they weren't happy with that, words were exchanged), but the result shows.

 But when people get tired they make mistakes....(to be fair... they had been instructed to remove the door before plastering, then didn't).

Tomorrow they will be back to cross the t's and dot the i's (and fix the hole).

Currently no idea when the electrical work will be done, or when the walls are fully dry. We are aiming to paint the lot first before the final piping and heater is put in. All plans have been crossed out now as my pain management course will start on the 20th so I'll be out 3 days a week for the next 10 weeks, so work will have to be done in the weekends. Not by me though, I'll be the mess cook :)

donderdag 9 januari 2020

Ready for render

 The main work is finished, and the renderer will be here tomorrow and on monday. Next week the electrical work will be finished when the render has dried for a few days, the doors to the storage spaces will be installed, and I need to get some prep work done for painting....everything. When that is done the radiator will be installed and we can put down the floor.

And this is how it looks now, fancy new door as well. But.....when the floor is done, I must install a door stop, else it slams right into the roof if it swings open too far. Don't want that.....

 Opening nicely moved to the middle. Hatch will be made after the renderer is done.

And here we run into a tiny issue that changes a lot.....  to create a bit more space, we had the old railing taken apart, and the floor extended a bit over the staircase. Then re used what we could of the old railing. Plus we had the cables and pipes and what not covered with panels to keep everything clean etc.

All well and good looking but....we created a choke point that is 70cm's and the plasterboard won't be too keen on having a sofa rammed into it. So I dropped that idea.

Now, no sink and no (sleeping)sofa makes for a lousy guestroom, so for all I care a gaming table is back on the menu. :)

woensdag 8 januari 2020

The end is nigh....

Some more miscommunications on tuesday means a few more changes, and delays. But we are getting there.....
Storage space underneath the dormer. This needs insulation, and they had no added it yet, but did close it up :( The rest looks ok,

Large amount of space, with the right door in the wrong place, but I will live with that.

 Side room coming along nicely, new heater fitted, quite a bit smaller with some nice features.

 Today, wednesday, the electrical wiring is almost done, the top of the stairs bit has been covered over and the railing reinstalled, but lots more to do tomorrow.

 This hole should have been in the middle. Oh well.