dinsdag 12 november 2019

The neighbours are quiet. Too quiet?

2 more pieces for the Motel set, the skeleton on the matress is a rebuilt whatever the brand is now resold by Warlord.

maandag 11 november 2019

Would you like roomservice? Sorry, not available.

Halfway through my resin purchases from Crisis, feeling good about them. Just wish I had some resin bottles....didn't see any at Crisis, so I need to look at the guys at Anvil for these.

Matress and lockers and the safe are from Crooked Dice btw, 3 more matresses to go

zondag 10 november 2019

The old and the new

Safe picked up yesterday at Crisis, Fallout PC I got from DeltaDog a few years ago. I really want to increase my output as it prevents me from shopping around, and it decreases the stash. And it is supposedly fun to paint stuff and have it ready for the table, or so people tell me :P

Ready for matte varnish, a bit of dust and then set aside to go with scenic pieces on a later date.

vrijdag 8 november 2019

When the dust settles...

DeltaDog over at the LAF was kind enough to sell me a cast of his bubblecar from Fallout. This then languished here for a few....years? But now she is done, finally.

28mm scaled bublecar, GW 25mm base for reference. Lots of weathering and a hint of concrete dust.

zondag 3 november 2019

Nameless Undead Champion

So, a while back I bought a single model that turned out to be a shop freebie (just effing great....) and it went through a few trials to become a Undead Champion. It's been on my desk for months now, and I'm not 100% happy with it (not in the least tbh) but I'm calling it done and dusted. I need to pump out more undead to have what I want/need for ....reasons.

maandag 28 oktober 2019

AK-47 is back on the menu, boys!

Finished a testmodel in 6mm for a future 20mm paintjob. As I am looking at 6mm for AK-47 right now, this one goes right into the scenery drawer, as this test was succesful. Heroics and Ross C-46 Commando, with modifications, and a suitable nackered paint job.

zondag 27 oktober 2019

Buying the Farm: The last feed bunker

Been having issues with my Vallejo Polyurethane Matte varnish not drying matt and stripey. Long shakes, short shakes, shake and leave for a bit, nothing seems to work. Had to do some searching to find my pot of Daler Rowney Matt varnish, and all is well again. It makes everything dead flat.

3rd (empty) feed bunker done. Will double nicely as cover. It's one freshly cleaned out, so fresh soil and just a few weeds left.

maandag 21 oktober 2019

Phantom Leader toutched down.

Just received Phantom Leader, the Vietnam Air War Solitaire Strategy game. I had my eye on it for a few years now and I spotted a copy on Marktplaats 6-8 month ago... but that seller insisted on at least 50 euros for some reason. I saved the search, this week another one popped up and my bid of 15 euros was accepted.

Gone over the contents, it is practically mint, complete, just need to look in the second hand stores for a suitable small box to hold all of the counters and something to keep the cards in one place as well.

Well chuffed.

vrijdag 18 oktober 2019

For Sale: large 28mm Hydra Miniatures Robot Legion force

With pain in my heart, but I've been slowly liquidating my Pulp stuff as at heart, I seem to prefer Historicals.....

In this lot:

2 packs of Minibots (27 dollars)
8 Robot Legionaires (42 dollars)
1 Heavy Support Legionaire (7,50 dollars)
1 Optio (Squad Leader) (6 dollars)
2 Warbot Destroyers (31 dollars)
1 Warbot Destroyer missing his backpack, you could give 1 Destroyer arm to a normal Warbot to make him a Light Destroyer type robot. (10 dollars)
7 Warbots (94,50 dollars)
1 wrecked Warbot that should make a great secenery marker or something (free)

Total new in shop, sans shipping and import fees: 218 dollars

Asking: 165 Pounds Including EU shipping. Pick up at Crisis for 155 Pounds is possible but you have to pay in advance...I've been burned too often by no shows to accept anything else)

vrijdag 11 oktober 2019

Painting some 6mm testers - Syria, Ukraine, Soviets

Did some testers tonight to get some ideas out of my system. 
Pic 1: L: Ukranian BMP-1 captured by Donbass Seperatists with Ukranian graffiti painted out. M: Ukranian BMP-1 R: Ukranian Militia Buggy 
Pic 2: L: Syrian Dalek (custom conversion) R: Daesh VBIED Pic 
3: My test for Russian Green (which I'm happy with) 

Everything you see is based on photographs, no fantasy here.

Edit: Pictures I copied for Ukraine. Fo course, I immediately found more than the first pic I had to use....just means I will make another one with a proper conversion

vrijdag 4 oktober 2019

Buying the Farm: WIP Farmers house

Lots more things to do, colour to add, varnish, tufts etc. Could be done in the weekend, or not for a few weejk as I actually want a tree or 2 to add to it if at all possible. We will see.

zondag 29 september 2019

Buying the Farm: Machine shop finished

Repair shop finished. It's the Leven IND16 Joinery shop, but now functions as a tool and repair shed for the farm. Container is from Old Crow, junk in the back is from various bits from the sparesbox, and the barrels (which you can hardly see) are from Heroics and Ross ( I think)

 Still clueless how to do other stuff like a Autobahn or even decent roads, but hey, I'll build that bridge when I get there.