maandag 11 april 2011

German Early War force for Barbarossa, part 3

I'm trying to spend an hour per evening on these when I'm done with cleaning and sorting stock for my sale, but that plan isn't really working. Still, for my own motivation, a current status report:

Done as is, ready for paint. Note the 2 front wheels, something went wrong in the mould that day, the other one from the box had the same problem. The rest are fine. I don't care, model is good enough as it is.

38(t) Group 1:
I'm leaving this group light on stowage, so besides some minor clean ups these are ready for paint.

38(t) Group 2:
More stowage, I'll try and give the anxious commander the biggest flag in my collection. 2nd tank has extra fuel and a spare roadwheel on the back, and a nice log for the first. Which is a standard match with the head removed.

Panzer II's:
Could use more stowage, have to fix up the mantlet on the second one and fix the MG-34 in place. Replaced both the guns with barrels from a 20mm Flak. I know, not correct, but I wasn't happy with the guns as delivered, and I had a spare pack. So sue me.

Panzer I's:
Hardly any work on these yet so pass.

Beutepanzer Cruiser A13:
Spent waaay to much time on these, but building all of the canister racks proved to be a bit more time consuming then anticipated. Still debating if I will do the same on the 2nd Cruiser (but I propably will)

Panzer IV's:
Move along here, not much to see yet.

2 fuel ones basecoated, 3rd is a cargo trailer with roadwheels and some other mechanical bits. This is actually meant for the Blitz but hey. I'm expecting another single barrel trailer from SHQ tomorrow, and MMS confirmed my order for the double barrel today so it should turn up soon as well.

And thats all for now folks.

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