vrijdag 15 juli 2011

German Early War force for Barbarossa, part 6

Progress report on the Panzer IV's. Been busy converting 2 PSC Panzer IV's into the D model, with sofar the following steps:
-removed top turret detail and added new detail plus handrails (needs more work)
-set back the turret hatch a few mm's, need some milliput to add the curve
-removed the grill detail and filled in the slots, propably needs another smoothing layer
-added round headlights
-cut down the barrel by a few mm's, it looked too long
-cut out the hull to create the set back mg station
-built a new exhaust system, added smoke candles on top of it (can't fit 5 sadly so did 4)
-added a bit more detail to the roadwheels, sprocket and rear idler (needs more work on the idler)
-opened up the gunsights one one of em (needs more work)
-trimmed down and filled in the turret doors (needs more work)

Good thing I only need 2 for starters, though now I'm eyeing Tauchpanzers as well......but on the bright side, my bookkeeping in Excel (a wishlist plus what I've spent or earned per month) is starting to pay off, as at the moment I've sold more then what I spent, and I'm thinking long and hard (and rummaging in my spares bin) before I'm buying now. And I got even more creative in the process :)

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