vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

Fenced in

This is my first set of barbed wire cow fences so typical of what I'm used to seeing around me (ok, more the 3 wire type but you get the idea).

These 30 stands (yes, there is one missing from the pic) are enough to cover a 3 metre long stretch of table as they are based on 10x2cm bases. Now that sounds like a lot but it isn't. Most fields have this wire on all sides so you could mark off a square field of a maximum of 75cm.....hence me realising this is set 1 and I need to double this set to make it more useful.

 When that is done I will cut 10 40mm squares into triangles to base those for square corners (gets me 20) and add another 10 sections of 10cm length converted into crushed sections of wire, batteries for electric fences, doors etc and then it should be done.

Now, with the right tools these are not hard to make, and I will make a how to later on when I start the 2nd batch, but I can tell you what parts I used. 10x2cm plastic bases off Ebay for the base, matches for the poles, wargames barbed wire that you can buy at various places but I picked up a 500 metre spool from a chap who does security checks on fire extinguishers for a case of beer and then some brass wire to pin the matchsticks into the base.

Now I said they are not hard to make, and they are not, they just take a lot of time due to repeating the same thing over and over and over....... so best done in batches at a time. I'll tell you more about that in the how-to.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Great work, i'll be keen to see the tutorial.

  2. I'd go bankrupt making these....so much time per base even when factorylining the process....
    Tutorial should be done in a few weeks I think.

  3. Looking forward to the tutorial! Awesome bases with fence! And usefull for many scales!


  4. Fantastic work mate!
    Have you thought of selling them (as Fran said)?

  5. See previous answer. Wait for the tutorial, you heathens! :D

  6. Johan, you make such a nice work.
    Hope to see these in real someday ;-)