vrijdag 30 december 2011

Block 1: Star and Pyramid - The 6 Day War - Part 1

The first block of the 2012 Build is based on the CY6! book Star and Pyramid - The 6 Day War.

For this I have the following list as a guideline, 39 aircraft:
4 MiG-19
4 Mirage IIICJ - 2 with droptanks
1 Piper Cub - Use L5 Stinson
6 MiG-17
2 MiG-21 PFM
4 MiG-21 F-13
4 Super Mystere
4 Ouragan
2 S-58
1 IL-14 - Not made, need to scratchbuild one
3 IL-28
4 Su-7b

The items in red are not in my TD box so I've put out an order with Doms Decals, they should be here about halfway into January (I hope). 

I've started work on cleaning up what I do have, adding either magnets or nail heads to the underside of the aircraft so they stick to the magnets on their flight stands, and started to tackle the biggest conversion of this block, the IL-14.

It bears a big resemblance overall to the DC-3, but it has differences in wingshape, engines and length:
This means for me just painting a DC-3 as is won't do. So out comes the juwellers saw:
And then some pinning wire and superglue to get to the basic shape of what is to become my Il-14:

I'll need to hit it with putty and/or green stuff next to get the sape and details I want.

For this block I will need to paint 39 aircraft in 60 days. That is 8 fridays (friday being my preferred day to Blog) so 5 aircraft to paint per week. I can do that :)

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