woensdag 8 februari 2012

Second 15mm sci-fi test

Second test complete and succesful.

Adding personality software to worker droid 614 wasn't his owners best idea. While doing repair work, 614 walked off and joined the army, cause he felt he would look better in green...

Combat droid 01 welcomes the arrival of 07, 28 and 53. He will ignore 614.

All 5 droids in my collection are now done, 1 has been converted to the worker droid I saw in the Pitts expansion of Fallout 3 (2 pieces of wire added to the back and a plasticcard sensor in the front of his head). Sadly the wash beld a bit into the yellow but he will do fine. I'm going to order a bunch more of these as they suit me very well, so more troops, a few more construction/worker droids and I'll paint 2 in Nuka Cola colours as well.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Very good job. I might have to get some of these now.

  2. These droids are beautifully painted and numbered. For just a nano-second I thought...Robot Bowl.

  3. Well I think you can stop testing, these are great, so one with the main show.