zondag 18 maart 2012

壁虎 Bi Hu armoured police truck

The Bi Hu (壁虎, Gecko, or Wall Tiger) is a older 6x6 armoured truck that the PRC still produces for policing duties on lesser developed locations and colonies. It is either equipped with a water cannon (with a water tank added in the back) or a 14.7mm machinegun, depending on the situation. It is very reliable, needs little maintenance but is lightly armoured and rather cramped. The vehicle is not sold to civillians, though a few private security companies operate them and it has been seen with rebels and seperatists, though those are propably captured examples.

The model itself is a 15mm FoW model, FR320 Laffly S15TOE, just released. Comes as a resin hull with metal wheels and yurret. Flashfree, hardly any cleaning to do, it did come with double the amound of small wheels needed to make it. 1 had a small chip in the back but nothing too bad. Painted in suitable police colours it's for my PRC sci-fi army. Decals are from I-94 (numbers) and TL Decals (door shield). I'd love to have some POLICE decals in this scale, but alas. Comparison pic with a droid from The Scene, based on a 1 eurocent.

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  1. Great find, and a great use for an odd, lesser known, but historical mini! I might have to steal this idea for my own 15mm sci-fi!