dinsdag 24 april 2012

Lots of Buildings

A new Build on the Guild, called Buildings. I'll attempt to do as much as possible for 15mm and maybe some for 20mm as well till time runs out.

I've started by ressurecting a old box of Heljan parts from their Nucelear Power Plant. Don't buy this kit btw, it is terrible.
Fltr: Modified main building (shortend the back end, new roof), reactor building (needs to be based and tarted up, building that should go with the cooling tower on a single base but both bases are so warped I can't fix it so I'm giving them seperate bases. everything will be based and should be usable with modern as well as sci-fi settings, keeping it as all round as possible.

More soon!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I Love the fact that you put a warning out there for us as I thought that they looked good and buyable... what scale is it?

  2. HO scale, but this one, building wise, is more a deformed version with doors in the correct size but the rest not. Useless for 1/72, perfect for 1/100. But it is still a crap kit :)