maandag 22 april 2013

BGO in 6mm - The beginning

And so it begins!

Finally, my first small bag of models arrived from Heroics and Ross so I spent a little bit of time this weekend basing most of it.

 Atm it is a mix of BGK and BGO, most will get dual use anyway. With the cost of 6mm, it is not a big issue but it stretches the money a bit.

To help out my opponent I've added a Sherman to my order that has now been suitable altered :grin: (and I hope to enter in the 30mm build if I can manage in time). In case you are wondering why the 222's base is different from the rest, it is because from the old days in BKC I made the recce bases arrow shaped for instant recognition. I just applied it to BGO and BGK as well, making them easier for me to pick ut.

Some of the models have been altered, added or replaced barrels with brass wire where needed, and I need to buy me a new wallpaper brush to strip it for antennae.

I know the open area left for a paper tab won't be to anyones taste, but I'll add a coloured marker to the rear base rim as well to denote the various types available in BGO/BGK (With their own Waffenfarbe, as in FW HQ (Yellow)- Inf (White) - Tanks (Pink) - Artillery (Red) - Recce (none, shape)- Engineer (Black)- Logistics (Blue) . And this time, the rest of the rim will be black as I feel this works better with 6mm.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. The bases look superb! I am looking forward to see what you do to these, please keep posting, this is excellent.

  2. Your basing is neat compared to mine. I have a nice 6mm US and German force completed for BKCII. I should get BGN and give it a shot, even though I'm more interested in East Front at the moment.

    Nice site btw. I'm addi g you to my Feedly list.

    1. Why not get BGK then and build a new Russian force? No camo on those so painting should be pretty quick. Though I'm torn between adding Yanks to my to-do list, as my opposition is a British player and I want some extras so I can do some demoes with the locals.

      Thx for the compliment, hope you enjoy the rest as much as you did these.