zaterdag 14 september 2013

Red and White. No Blue.

Miss me?

I, or more importantly the wife was a bit busy with delivering our babies while I was offline, and I am now the proud father of Nikki and Emma, born prematurely but quite the little fighters. Almost 2 months old now, words like cute and aaargh are used on a regular basis while in their company. I can change a diaper blindfolded now, being guided by smell alone. Bit like Daredevil, yet less heroic and without the red bodysuit. Here's a pic of them just a few hours old.

They are out of the hospital and doing fine. We've settled into the clean-feed-sleep routine andtrying to do the same for ourselves.

I struggle to find time to paint and model though, spending what little time I have online on the forums, reading. It took me all of the spare time I had for 2 weeks to cobble together this, and sorry for the bad quality pic but you get the idea. It is for another Guild Build, this time with the theme Red.

See? Red. And White.
Made for 15mm and 20mm games in mind, it is a generic tower that most of you propably have seen before. A scenic piece for on the table or a objective during a game, anything goes.

Service will be sporadic, while I've been offline I did buy the Ronin rulesset (well written, looking forward to getting some games in with Modhail) and I've been adding to my Hotz mats collection, of which I will write more at a later date.

Hope to be back soon!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice to see you blogging again.
    When you find the time to field test the Ronin rules, just let me know.
    Say hi to the lovely ladies for me (all three of them!).

  2. Johan, congrats on the birth of your girls! You both did a good job! Our son is almost 2 years old by now and I am glad to be out of the eat-clean-sleep phase very much. You know the old cliché of "enjoy this period they grow up so fast" it's true so do enjoy!

  3. Massive congratulations !!!! Wonderfull Picture, your wife Looks so happy and Nikki and Emma look extremely cute .

  4. Congratulations / Gefeliciteerd with Nikki and Emma.

  5. Congratulations and best wishes to you all! Don't worry it gets easier... when they get married and leave home! ;-)

    Good to see you back with us though!

  6. congrats! More beautiful and creative miniatures on your side,and don't worry about the scale creep, it is only natural!

  7. Congrats!
    Surprised you've had a chance to go near 'Red' but hats off to you on that little project too!

  8. Congratulations! Are you getting much sleep!? Well done with the tower as well!