zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

3rd Lot on hold

Due to illness of me and the missus I haven't been able to devote time to the sale. I have been able to send out replies, quotes and packages and have used some of the gotten funds to buy more 2nd hand Liberation figures.

At the moment I'm 2/3's through my original pile of stuff and have a good sum on the bank.

Figures for my Modern Russians and Cold War Russians are complete now, I even managed to score 3 BRDM-2's from Liberation and a batch of Modern Russians painted by Piers Brand. When the last of the purchases arrives I have to go over my old and new Liberation figs to see what projects have become viable and which ones are undernourished, so I can try to make a order for exactly what I need. For my Lebanon project for instance, I'm well stocked on vehicles, but have hardly any troops.

After that, I don't need to make any more purchases this year other then some Technicals from the Hobby Den and Russian trucks and assorted vehicles from SandS, but that should be it.

The only exception being Crisis, but as it looks right now the only possible purchase sofar there would be a army transport for my troops.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves yet, first we need to sell, sell sell!

And it is nice to be smiling  again, even if I have a bad cough.

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