donderdag 6 november 2014

11th Armoured (Black Bulls) Build for 2015, Overlord list + Fall of the Reich Upgrade

11th Armour for Battlegroup Overlord (British Armoured Division Battlegroup list)

This is not a so and so many points armylist! This is purely the amount I want to make for this army as a start and a list to keep track of things. Items in red I do not have yet.

-FHQ - 3 men in a M5 halftrack
-FAC – 2 men in Dingo Scout Car
-Forward Signals – Radio Medium Truck
-Comms Relay Team – 2 men
-Motorcycle Despatch Rider
-Wire Team – 2 men (in Carrier, doesn’t count but looks like a nice conversion)

Infantry Platoon
-3x Rifle Section (mounted in truck)
-Light Mortar Team
Platoon options:
-Combat Medic
-Heavy Machine Gun Team (in Carrier)
-PIAT Team (in Carrier)
-Medium Mortar Team (in Carrier)
-6 Pounder (with Loyd Carrier)

Motor Infantry Platoon
-Command (in M5 Halftrack)
-3x Rifle Sections (in M5 Halftrack)
-PIAT team
Platoon options
-Heavy Machine Gun Team (in Carrier)
-PIAT Team (in Carrier)
-Medium Mortar Team (in Carrier)
-6 Pounder (with Loyd Carrier)

2x Sherman Tank Troop
-M4A4 Sherman x2
-M4A4 Sherman x2
-M4A4 Firefly x2

Self Propelled Anti-Tank Gun
-M10 Achilles x2

Artillery Units
-Forward Observer Team in a Dingo
-Armoured Forward Observer in a M4A4 Sherman HQ Tank
-Towed Field Gun Battery – 2 25pdr guns

Reconnaisance Support Units
-Reconnaisance Tank (M5 Stuart + M5 Stuart Recce)
-Carrier Team

-Recovery vehicle (M4 ARV) (Actually a M4A4 ARV)
-Armoured Engineering Vehicle (M4A4 Dozer, M4A4 Crab, Churchill Bridgelayer)

-Supply Column (4 medium trucks)

Specialist Support
-Churchill AVRE
-Churchill Crocodile

Plus 1 Spitfire and 1 Typhoon in D-Day Markings

This makes how many vehicles?

M5 Halftracks x5
Dingo x2
Carriers x8
Loyd Carrier x2
M4A4’s x10
M10 Achilles x2
Churchills x 3
Radio truck x1
Medium Truck x3
Supply Truck x4
Churchills x3
M5 Stuart x1
M5 Stuart Recce x1
Spitfire x1
Typhoon x1

The (grand) plan for 2015 is to focus mostly on this force (funds and time). What I don't have right now can wait till I'm halfway of building and painting. From the looks of it I will be making orders with Grubby Tanks for the Radio Truck and Dingoes (or get the S-Model kit) and Minimi (Medium trucks and Supply Trucks) plus what more I need for the infantry lists like crews etc. When the force is half done I will go over the list again and see if things need to be added (or deleted!)

At the same time, I want to use this list as the basis for the Fall of the Reich list. For that I will need to add some troops, 2 Fireflies and a Tempest. And paint a Typhoon without D-Day Markings perhaps? Not that much extra work really. 

For 3 extra Medium Trucks and 4 more M5 Halftracks I can make both lists fully motorised or mechanised. Hmmm.....

Oh, I just calculated that I need another box of Carriers, it seems I have only 2 which is enough for 6 of them. Oh well, added to the list of wants.

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