zondag 1 februari 2015

Sanders Lamentations, Part 2

So tonight we move on to Inquisitor. Or Inq28. Or Inquisimunda. (though I'm actually contemplating using the excellent Pulp Alley rules for this). Or as we should call it, the Game with Many Names :P

Inquisitor is a game I never played, but I owned a dozen of the 54mm models. Sold em all for 7,50 each or less cause no one wanted them. <sigh> That wasn't a great start. But I loved the idea, back then I had just given up on DMing, I had done it for years but I was a bit burned out. And then GW brings this game out. It never caught on though, the models were too big, you had to remake all of your scenery for it, and I never saw anyone play it. But the ideas and stories are just fine. And in 28mm there is still a hardcore community for it.

Anyway, Inquisitor. A game about a Inquisitor and his troupe. The sky is the limit conversion wise, you can stat just about anything. Which means practically every 40K miniature ever made can be useful. Since the box is so brimming with stuff right now I won't bother taking a shot of it. Most of it is primed black so you would not see anything anyway.

So, what am I going to do? Well, I have collected enough stuff to make 2 opposites of the Inquisitorial universe, namely a Ordo Xenos Radical and a Ordo Hereticus Puritan.

I want the Xenos Radical to be a brawler, someone who gets into the thick of it. I want a troupe of diverse characters, mixing Aliens with humans, weapons from all over the place. My main Alien focus will lie with the Kroot (and to a lesser extent, the Tau) as I managed to get 2 boxes of Kroot for a very low price and the first Inq28mm conversion I ever made years ago was a Kroot. I really like Kroot. I have not selected on a Inquisitor yet, as I have several of the old ones in Power Armour that I like, but I'm still hunting for more. I\ve also managed to find a Greenskin pilot that oozes character and will fit in perfectly. I will be browsing other games ranges for interesting Aliens. Lot's of conversions, very diverse, and when the Kroot are done they can function as a advisary Warband on the table too.

The Hereticus Puritan will be unarmed (seemingly) cause I like the model that way and I want him to be a leader of men that dictates from a distance. This doens't mean he's weak though!. There will be no aliens here, only (ab)humans, Imperial (storm)troops, Deathwatch and light to medium military equipment. Faceless black armoured masses, bring out the gloss varnish for these guys. And the press mould, for there will be =I= markings everywhere. This force will be the closest I'll ever get to making a 40K army.. I managed to crounge quite a few unbuilt Cadians, a few armoured sentinels ready to be rebuilt and magnetised, a unbuilt Rhino and a direct link to Pig Iron for new heads.

This leaves me with 1/3 of the box left, namely some Forgeworld Rogue Psykers and 60 odd Chaos Cultists and whole lotta bits and pieces ready to be converted into devices, plotpoints and anything else I can imagine. Or someone else imagined, as I will be copying what others have done before me (I don't mind reinventing the wheel but other people think differently then I do and I've found quite a few items that made me go: WANT!. 9 out of 10 they are plastic conversions too...that should help keep the costs down :)

I'm going to start small with this. First the Xenos side of things, Kroot 50/50 in HtH and Ranged weapons, a basic Inquisitor for starters, nothing fancy. No new purchases for a while. Later in the year when (if?) I have money again I can look for add on bits for the rest.

Thats the plan and I'm sticking to it, dammit.

And in other news, I won the Orlocks I was hoping on so my Orlock gang is set for fighting in the hive. Quite complete too, I'll try and find a few damaged or incomplete models to convert, but that is about it for now. And as Erik was kind enough to point out, what about scenery? Ah, yess.....maybe later. And for Mordheim I got offered a Sisters of Sigmar box that I just bought even though I have no real interest in the sisters. (<shock>,<gasp>, yes, I said it) but it would make nice trade fodder.

That is it. I have a Kromlech review to type now.

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  1. Poor old Gunbird...if only you had time to do this all... :-P Still keep us posed eh?!

    1. I've got one year for the basics, and after that we'll see.

  2. Good plans. I like the two Inquisitional retinues, but the idea of a chaos cult is exciting as well. I always liked the idea of the subversive elements in Imperial society. Even though my Genestealer Cult doesn't like the competition... ;P