zondag 5 april 2015

Oyumaru plastic clay used for miniature moulding

Last year I picked up a few packs of the stuff with the intention to make casts of stuff. Together with a box of second hand legos these ended up in storage cabinet. Cause I had a free all I can do as I want pass tonight (both the wife and kids are out) I could take over the kitchen table with a box of Legos, a ton of bitz, Oyumaru and hot boiling water. Ain't that everymans dream? :D

A quick refresher course on Youtube later I was heating up moulds and I had built a Lego casting chamber (by lack of a better word):

To keep things going, and I only have small parts to copy anywway, I made one with 3 chambers. I think I have enough blocks to add a 4th next time, but for tonight this was enough. I picked some small bits from my bits box that I want to use for my idea to make a couple of 40K roadshrines but only have 1 of, plus an nice looking Cadian skull and a sewer hatch from the OOP Forgeworld set I picked up recently. Making the press moulds is indeed really easy, though I managed to push a bit too hard at times and cracked the mould box, but this is easily repaired and the Oyumaru is easily reheated in a cup of water off the boil. I also made a few way too thick, kept 1 just to see how casting will go and recycled the rest again. Dropping the mould box in the freezer for 10 minutes was enough to set them hard and to clear the box for new moulds.I've got 7 moulds now, 3 of them will be redone at some point as they are just too thick, but the other ones flesx just fine. Stuffed them full of greenstuff and they are drying now, will have a look in the morning how well they pop out.

I used the leftover GS to make even more cables, this time from the smallest size, twisted it up a bit and left em to dry like that for use in the GS bitz box.

An evening well spent, I say!

PS Oyumaru goes by many names and is sold in many colours but transparant ones make it easier to see if there are air bubbles trapped in your mould when you press the GS in. Simple tip!

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