dinsdag 5 mei 2015

I ain't no Scrooge McDuck

On a more serious note.

After my wifes incident (for lack of a better word) a lot of help has arrived for her and for us. One of them dropped in today to look at our financial planning (to prevent somebody asking for welfare, they send these guys over to make families financially healthy and steer them in the right direction....if possible, before they request welfare). My wife passed the test with flying colours, our mutual account just passed it but I failed it miserably. :(

As of today, my hobby budget is 0. Anything I sell will go into the bank account. I will not spend any money on the hobby for the next 2 months for starters, I'm not even allowed to trade bits (cause that would cost postage). I've already started a online cash registry to see what comes in and what comes out, and I've been shocked to see what I have been spending on the hobby for the last 6 months alone. The gentleman told me I have all of the characteristics of an addict as I refuse any help with clearing out my storage unit and downplay my expenses. On the other side he did praise me for being open about it and wanting change and told my wife to stop pushing me so much to sell, sell, sell as this clearly is a major issue between us.

In short:
  • Don't buy anything like miniatures, snacks or other crap (would make me healthier too)
  • Don't swap, only sell, ask full postage, no more discounts
  • Clean out the storage unit. Visit it weekly, sell what you can, throw out low value stuff and stop paying rent for it as soon as possible.
  • Clean out the attic. Visit it weekly, sell what you can, throw out low value stuff and sell all of those fancy high end storage containers you have that are surplus (around 40 of em eventually)
I've asked my mates to check on me, to see that I don't spend any money, and to keep enquiring about running projects so I keep at it. I got two thumbs up on that one, so I want to keep making drones for the next 2 months :)

I'm also told to have fun. Don't be selling all week, do that 2 nights a week and continue the hobby for the other 3. Go out to the club, after you drop by the storage unit. They are not teling me to quit the hobby, but to be more financially responsible with it.

And I agree completely.

Being in debt and buying models has caused stress and grief with my wife that we both can do without. If I keep at it till the end of the year and keep selling stuff I should be able to be debt free to the bank, but I know it will cost me considerable effort to keep my focus (again, that's where my mates come in) but if the end result is a happier wife, I'm all for it.

On a funnier note, the man handling the finances knew exactly what my hobby was about as he has had more clients with the same hobby, and the same problem! I feel I am in good hands, and he's coming over in the evening next week to further discuss steps that need to be taken, so I don't have to use holiday time to leave work earlier to get help. Cause right now, every single euro is needed.

And I'm sure I'll manage just fine.

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  1. Are hobby like all hobbies can be an addiction some times. take this time to finish up old projects set aside and to clean out what you don't need. I had to Deal with the same thing myself just and only recently got a new job.
    and that is why I can actually do hobby stuff now.
    Hang in there buddy!

    1. I've got plenty of old projects to either finish or get rid of. It won't always be fun, but it is time to do it.

  2. Sounds like you have a really hard time.
    I must admit I overstep my budget each month.
    Collecting is addictive, a way of short term but instant gratification.
    I wish you the best of luck and I hope things will go up very soon.

    1. Thx Wouter, it seems I've overstepped my budget way too many times now :(

  3. You ain´t no scrooge ..I understand fully.it´s the Same Situation here. Due to poor finances I also Stopped buying stuff for the Hobby a while ago..and the same for swopping..the postage is something that we can´t afford. I hope you and your wifés Situation improves.

  4. Sorry to hear about the ongoing troubles. And I understand completely, this hobby has dangerous addicitive qualities (that and/or it attracts people with strong hoarding tendencies to begin with). I'm not exactly without fault in that area myself either.
    It sound like you got some very good and balanced advice.

    Oh, and as I know you, don't forget the "have fun" part! In times like these you NEED the positive more than ever to offset the worries/weight of responsibility...
    I'll try and check up more often.

    P.S. those storage boxes, would those be the plastic ones with the two-part lids?

    1. Talk to you soon Erik, and good luck with the new job! The boxes are the ones you mention, with the 2 part lids in 2 sizes, small and big..

  5. If there was not such an unfortunate back story to this I would find it quite funny. I wonder how many of us would benefit from having 'hobby coaches' to point out where we are going wrong? There was certainly a time not so long ago when I would have for sure... however I did essentially what you are being recommended to do.

    I hope you eventually find it as liberating as I did in the end. Certainly once you take that first step and do achieve results, you will find it easier to continue with the process. Good luck!

    1. Thx Jim. I spent a good 5 months last year buying nothing (as I was out of a job) but noticed that no new stuff meant no interest in the hobby, abandoning the hobby room for months. In the back of my head I am a bit worried about that, but I also realize I have tons of stuff in the house ready to be cleaned, based and painted. So in with the old, out stays the new, that kind of thing. :)