zondag 17 januari 2016

Wasteland ruin, bad tiling job

After some discussion, decided to tile part of the ruin to dress it up a bit, but only on the lower level because tiling sheet is 10 euro per sheet and I can't spare that right now so will have to make due with half a sheet that I have.
Lined them all up, and scattered some loose ones in between. Next time I need to remeber to raise the doors somewhat so the tiles can fit underneath. I need to coat the rubble with a thin layer of thinned down filler now, and a bit in between the tiles, and then let it all dry. And that is it really, I think? I've noticed the thinned down filler gives enough fine surface detail that I don't need to cover all the bare plastic in sand as well, so that skips another step. I think I'll be able to paint the base dark grey all over tonight at this speed.

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