dinsdag 4 april 2017

I do not like the Broccoli

Just quoting Futurama here....

Remember the Reindeer moss I bought a while back? Then did nothing with for a month? Then finally dunked in a glycerol-water and paint mix for 2-3 days? Well, I forgot about that too so it's been in there for almost 2 weeks.....Yes, oops. I spotted a few tiny spots of mould, so I tipped the contents in a sieve and rinsed it properly and put it back on top of the bucket to drain the remaining water.

Gone is the pale bleached colour, and now it's a much more acceptable mix of greens as some have absorbed more then others, and gone is the neon green of some of the bits. If the weather stays nice for a few more days I will put it outside for a bit so th remaining water can dry off and I can start with removing the pine needles and other assorted crap that is in it. Jay.

In other news, I passed my first exam in ages with a 8. Jay again :)

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