maandag 26 juni 2017

30 Day Challenge finished! And a In Memoriam....

Well, I have done it. 30 models in 30 days with 8 unfinished ones on top of that. Resin, plastic, new and salvage or repair jobs. EDIT: actually 31 models!

  1.  22nd of May 2017 - 52-K 85mm AA gun - needs wheelhubs - UNFINISHED
  2.  23rd of May 2017 - BMP-1 - needs hatch - UNFINISHED
  3.  24th of May 2017 - 2x Polski Fiat - FINISHED x2
  4.  25th of May 2017 - Salvaged truck - FINISHED
  5.  26th of May 2017 - Dapol Water Tower - FINISHED
  6.  27th of May 2017 - BISON - needs concrete and tarp - FINISHED
  7.  28th of May 2017 - Salvaged ZIL-157 - FINISHED
  8.  29th of May 2017 - T-55 wreck - plenty of work to do..... - UNFINISHED
  9.  30th of May 2017 - nothing
  10.  31st of May 2017 - Flak 88 #1 - plenty of work to do.... - UNFINISHED
  11.  1st of June 2017 - Flak 88 #2 - plenty of work to do.... - UNFINISHED
  12.  2nd of June 2017 - FT-17 (MG) - FINISHED
  13.  3rd of June 2017 - Panhard 178 #1- FINISHED
  14.  4th of June 2017 - Panhard 178 #2 - FINISHED
  15.  5th of June 2017 - BTR-152 conversion - coming along nicely.. - UNFINISHED
  16.  6th of June 2017 -  Bus and |Delivery Van - FINISHED
  17.  7th of June 2017 - 2x Greenhouse and 2x Outhouse and French WW1 Memorial - FINISHED
  18.  8th of June 2017 - Spitfire Mk 1 - FINISHED
  19.  9th of June 2017 - 2x AHN truck - FINISHED
  20.  10th of June 2017 - 3x Toyota Hi Ace - FINISHED
  21.  11th of June 2017 - M47 - FINISHED and SalvagedZil Command - UNFINISHED
  22.  12th of June 2017 - T55/54 wreck - UNFINISHED
  23.  13th of June 2017 - nothing
  24.  14th of June 2017 - nothing
  25.  15th of June 2017 - 2x M4A3 105mm - FINISHED
  26.  16th of June 2017 - TIME OUT
  27.  17th of June 2017 - TIME OUT
  28.  18th of June 2017 - TIME OUT
  29.  19th of June 2017 - TIME OUT
  30.  20th of June 2017  - TIME OUT
  31.  21st of June 2017 - Restored and fixed US Armoured truck - FINISHED
  32.  22nd of June 2017 - Chinese MLRS - FINISHED
  33.  23rd of June 2017 - Chi Ha - FINISHED
  34.  24th of June 2017 - BMP-1 sans turret and Zis-3 gun - FINSIHED
  35.  25th of June 2017 - Matilda 2 - FINISHED
 30 items ready for paint, 8 unfinished items that need some to little work. So nailed it. EDIT: 31 Models. I repaired my broken 2nd Kursk Windmill that had fallen down and snapped a sail.


Yes, last week it was very, very hot (for Dutch standards) and around the 15th our cat Kiara stopped eating for 2 days and basically stopped moving, she only got up to go to the litter box, slowly. We started feeding her by hand but she never ate more then a few bits of food and a few sips of water so we were worried that she would keel over any day now. We checked with the doctor, but he said, looking at her age (she turned 17 a few months ago) it probaly meant her time had come, and the opressive heat did not help either. Having said that, when she moved, she actually went out to lie in the sun a lot! We put a shade over her once but she just got up, walked a bit and dropped down again. My parents then took in the kids and we spent as much time as possible with her, talking to her, cuddling her, filming her, helping her out as good as we could. After the weekend, with no improvement what so ever, the vet came on tuesday to give her a final exam but with the same conclusion as last week, she was slowly dying as her body was spent. We talked to her some more, with lots of cuddling, Kim took her in her arms and the vet then put her to sleep in the most gentle way imagineable. She fell asleep in about 20 seconds and it was all over in less then 2 minutes. We had her cremated in the afternoon and picked up her urn on thursday. Now she is home again.

We are both really upset, we knew it was going to happen sooner or later, and she realled aged a lot recently, a grey sheen all over her coat. Considering Kim raised her from a very young age as a kitten, she's hit pretty hard but she too knows Kiara had a very good life for a cat. I miss her too. When I get home now there is no one to greet me, when I'm cooking I'm not tripping over her when she stands behind me and at night when I go down to wash my cups she's no longer there looking annoyed at me. Considering I'm very allergic to cats I'm curious if my health will improve now that she is gone, but I do miss her a lot.

 I miss you, old lady :(

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  1. My condolences. I feel Your pain - I had several cats and are preparing to invite another one (even if my wife has also allergy to cat - and no those special bred hypoalergical cats are fake).

  2. Condolences and congratulations on finishing the challenge.
    I've never been much a pet person myself, two turtles is the most I can handle. But I understand your pain and the fact you miss her.