woensdag 23 augustus 2017


In my current drive to unpack and start building stuff that arrives in the mail, I opened a box of H0 stuff I received in trade (one of the lat few items to be sent) and in it are some buildings, some cars, a diesel fueltank and missing items......ffs. Chap has promised free shipping and some free bits to make up for his error, when I buy some stuff from him....so that just went into long term planning.

Anyway, stripped the paper from the building in the back, washed off the dirt with a good scrub, dried it and repaired what was broken, and put it on a 1.5mm form fitting base. I will do the same with the other one tomorrow and get them ready for paint. They are both railway buildings, but the one in the back will work for a German farm storage shed as well so I can get plenty of use out of it.

 I grabbed a Zil 157 truck from my Big Box of Zils TM (I think I have another 15 left) and bolted the diesel tank on the back and gave it a rough scrub and some extra parts. This will be a used and abused water tanker for Afrika, the Middle East, and TW:2K. It's a bit of a fantasy model but hey. Will rough it up with dents etc when everything has set. The landy in the back will be civil as well.

Some H0 hoppers. I dunno, build them as 28mm Necromunda scenery, get some bits to raise them and use them for 20mm, or turn them around and use them for 6-10-15mm scifi? They sure look.....interesting.

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