woensdag 10 juli 2019

Need a hand?

I wanted to start with:"Nothing much to report".....but that's not really the truth.

  • Yes, the hands still hurt, a lot more than what I was expecting. Plenty of things I can't do with the right one, the left is a lot more usuable, but....I don't think surgery fixed it. Shame.
  • This insurance company debacle is almost over, I signed and sent the last forms today, so I can put at least that part of the accident behind me and  focus on the future.
  • Still looking for a place to learn to handle my pain levels as the hospital has been set on hold for a indefenite period due to management leaving, and with the start of the holiday trying to contact anyone is a bit hard, but i have some emails sent none the less.
  •  I drew up the attic as a split kids room and as a hobby room as we want to give the kids their own space, either by me giving up my hobby room (Nikki already claimed my room!) or by splitting the attic. This has given us some ideas of cost, and what the kids want or not. Kim is dead set to give the kids their own private rooms. I don't really see the need yet, I lived in the same room as my brother till age 12, and the girls are turning 6 this weekend.....but better have plans ready. 
  • The original plan was to put me in the attic. In my last redraw I redrew my current hobby room as a office and relaxing space for Kim as she really needs one to blow off steam. Also, cost wise, it makes (currently) more sense to keep the attic generic so it can serve as the kids room now but can be used for everything really when and if they eventually move out of the house .....yes, we plan ahead! And I will be moving to what is now the girls room.....so basically Hobbyroom 2.0.
  • The clearing of the attic is going well. I'll spare you the pictures for now, but it has been sorted into keep (but check again at a later date to find more stuff to sell), trash (already in the bin, obviously) and a monumental pile of militaria, books and miniatures. When I get back from my holiday I've reserved 1 hour a day taking pictures and listing stuff on Ebay, salesgroups etc to get rid of it and stock up the war chest.
  • I bought a new PC. Well, a second hand one off of a 12 year old Fortnite player......Waiting for the M.2 SSD stand off screw toa rrive so I can speed it up even more, but for the next 2 years I'm set again PC wise, and no 10 minute loading times and crashes and the sound of a Phantom doing a quick afterburner run anymore. I had planned a large budget for 4-6 years, but decided to cut it by 2/3rd for just 2 years, and it fits my current needs. Already listed all of the salvageable parts of my old PC to make a few bucks back.
  • Hobby wise......I seem to manage a few hours a month atm. Too tired or too sore to do anything useful, and sorting and selling stuff takes up a lot of time.
So, quite a lot of stuff. Don't expect anything hobbywise for a while, I'm doing so little it is a bit pointless to Blog about it. I need to manage the pain and time before I can back int it.

But I think I will manage it. Eventually.

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  1. Sounds like you're going through another rough time mate, I do hope the pain clears up a bit in the future and you'll learn to handle.
    It's always good to have plans and yours sound really solid. I slept in the same room as my sister until I was at least 10 as well, but my own children have had seperate rooms from the moment they were old enough to sleep through the night without waking the parents, not sure which way's best.
    I hope you will do the occassional update, even if it's just to let us know you're still alive 😃.

    1. Well, atm I'm being spammed to death by Indonesian spammers on this blog, 3,4 a day so I'm getting a bit disheartend with Blogger. Adding insult to injury, I was doing the last bit of laundy and decided to shut the roof windows before we leave in the morning. Ripped one completely from its hinges.......put it back in place and duct taped it shot.

      Sometimes I just don't know anymore why the universe is out to kick me over and over.

    2. Unfortunately you're not the only one whose blog has been invaded by spammers, they seem to be all over the place. Blogger really should consider installing a way to block users you don't want to post on your blog.

      Anyway, I hope things will go back up for you sooner rather than later.
      Best of luck!

    3. I really think Blogger no longer cares. But we will see, once most of my stuff is sold everything should become more manageable. Here is hoping for the best!

  2. Sorry to hear that your hands are not 100% better, but even some improvement is good?

    Your attic plan seems good, we have just finished splitting up our kids into their own rooms, only a year late as we found some structural issues with the room we were moving the office into... yay owning a home.

    1. Yup, any progress is good progress...even if it is superslow. Oops, bummer. How old are they now?

    2. Sorry, missed this response earlier.

      6 and 9

    3. Thx, will try and keep mine at 6 for as long as possible. Loving every moment of them (when they are not killing each other)