woensdag 8 januari 2020

The end is nigh....

Some more miscommunications on tuesday means a few more changes, and delays. But we are getting there.....
Storage space underneath the dormer. This needs insulation, and they had no added it yet, but did close it up :( The rest looks ok,

Large amount of space, with the right door in the wrong place, but I will live with that.

 Side room coming along nicely, new heater fitted, quite a bit smaller with some nice features.

 Today, wednesday, the electrical wiring is almost done, the top of the stairs bit has been covered over and the railing reinstalled, but lots more to do tomorrow.

 This hole should have been in the middle. Oh well.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Coming along nicely mate, you could still shift the door its not too late. The hard part is nearly over, and the dust from the sanding etc. Soon you will have paint and shelves etc, then your table set up and let the fun begin.

    I started my room today, I only have paint mine though.

    French Wargame Holidays

    1. Kim sent an email by the time I posted this, and asked for the door to be moved if they could spare the time to make it more useful, and they said they will fix it first thing tomorow morning :)

  2. You made me think something was going terribly wrong with a title like this, but I'm happy to read that wasn't the case.
    Everything looks pretty cosy already, it's getting there. Though forgetting to insulate some parts is nearly unforgivable, the door could be a case of miscommunication, but forgetting something is just neglect. Could be a good negotiation point if they try to charge you anything extra.

    1. They made a few mistakes on one end, and compensated us on the other. The crew is just really really busy and he told us he needs a new crewmember as he is innundated with work and doing 80-100 hour work weeks. Can't blame him forgetting or misremembering things if you are doing several projects at once.

      Having said that, he chose to work that way, and sofar has made good on his promises to fix it.