woensdag 1 september 2021

New life, new game: Stargrave

 A lot of shit has happend. I might be moving out in the near future, not sure yet. I've sold a lot of stuff and purchased a few boxes of Stargrave as well as the rulebook to (potentially) game with my mates. I've also changed my painting style, cutting down on details as it makes me take forever on things, but enough that it looks good at 30cm's.

I've put together some Troopers for fun to see what I can build and how fast, and decided to toss in a Pirate as well. I'm using GW bases as I like them more tbh.

Pirate: Heavy Armour, Carbine, Knife (which is somewhere hiden as I don't like the blades on the sprue and I can't find anything to fit him)

Trooper body, Trooper head with the muzzle shaved down so I can paint on some teeth (maybe?) and MENG spike bolts to the top of his helmet, Mercenary arms with Carbine. Those have no real armor on them so I added a Kroot shoulderpad on one side and the top of a Space Marine arm shaved down and hollowed on the other side. Added some pouches on the back from Necromunda and the Imperial Guard .

Nothing really major but it changes the look, and with a quick paintjob he should do the part. Added a bit of chain and half a skull to the base and there you have it, Jack Kennov, just a dirty Pirate. Should have him primed later today with the loot counters I picked up and might even get some painting done tonight, who knows.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks great, and I could see him either in a squad of similar fellows, or as the "spiky" member of a more diverse gang.

    Moving after the attic renovation? Hope all is well...

    1. Issue may or may not have been resolves. And thx, going for the Diverse option this time.

  2. That's a nice build there.

    Moving sounds like a big change.

  3. Looking good, and hope to see it painted up. Good luck with your move.