vrijdag 11 februari 2022

Tumbling Dice that roll in slow motion

 Last weekend till the move to the appartment, and after 45 days my Tumbling Dice order arrived and mail from Jack :) Like Christmas and Easter in one day. :P

Brexit opinions aside, getting stuff from the UK is back to 1980's levels of postal service. Granted, holidays, and I hear horror stories about Customs, but still, this is ridiculous in this day and age. Oh well, at least I've planned this project and was waiting for these to arrive, so I can continue work on Desert Spitfires. 

I'm pretty much knackerd though, Lung Covid isn't doing me any favors, and I'm worn out for getting everything (well, most) sorted for the flat, and I still have no idea when I can get all my hobby stuff shipped over.

Next week I'll just sit on a sofa watching time pass and excercise in between those sessions.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. At least the Tumbling Dice aircraft are small enough that you only need a small hobby space to work on them!
    One thing I love about smaller scales is that you can get stuff done at a good pace and see results without needing hours and hours.

    1. True, true. Now to find a proper storage solution for them :)

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