vrijdag 5 mei 2023

Strange sattelite...

Grabbed something based and primed from my stash and gave it a quick paintjob and some decals. The model is the plastic Soyoez capsule from the 1/144 Revell ISS Space Station (which is a must buy for scratchbuilders, if you can get it cheap).

As seen in the news:

National Inquirer: Sattelite downed from Space! Cows milk glows!

Pravda: Capitalist were unable to keep sattelite in space, again proving Soviet space superiority

New York Times: Unidentified sattelite crashed down to Earth, USA Government is silent.

Republic of Wadiya Herald: Aneezah the Goat makes succesful landing. Wadiya Space Program a great succes!

(Scenery for my growing AK-47 collection, makes for a nice objective or just scatter junk in Sci-Fi games)

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