zondag 1 januari 2012

Republic of Texas, 1938 (Crimson Skies)

When the Republic of Texas started looking at German aircraft to bolster its ranks, they sent sent over a zeppelin with attachees and their latest state of the art hardware. Included for the protection of the zeppelin it housed an entire Staffel (12 aircraft, Red, White and Yellow flight), something unheard of for a zeppelin of this size. The aircraft was the tried and tested Bf-105, a variant of the Bf-109 specifically designed for Zeppelin duty. Clipped wings, a short tail, but still packing a powerful engine, 2 20mm cannons in the wings and 2 MG's in the nose the Kleiner Messer (or unofficially called the Stiletto or Wespe) wasn't exactly a pilots dream to handle but was more then a match for pirates and militias. Yellow flight was equipped with the 20mm cannon nose submodel for added punch. Mock dogfights were held to show the strengths and weaknesses of the design vs Texas aircraft.

We now show you some of the gun camera footage.

 In the end, the Republic of Texas purchased several German designs, including production rights.

 This was my back up for my main entry Relic, cause I wasn't too sure yet if I could do distressed and weathered bare metal. The original mode, a old Airfix Me-109 was converted way back in 2008 after an original idea from John Paterson for a parasite fighter for Crimson Skies. It never progressed beyond a semi painted stage before being dumped into the spares bin.

 I was actually going to use the hulk as a test for Reals flight stand, to see if I could refit older magnet bases aircraft to the new system. This was rather succesful so I took out the hulk and overhauled it.

Added a adapter for the flight stand

 Fixed the problem of the propellor sticking out in front of the aircraft by adding some additional plasticcard

And gave it a good cleaning and sanding

 And here she is, Rote 3 (Red 3) in all of its colourful splender. Wingtips and nose are painted red for recognition purposes (in Yellow and White flight these correspond to the group name). The scheme is derived from German aircraft of that particular era.

I gave her a handpainted wooden prop. Quite a bit more surface area then the gunstocks I'm used to painting like this.

Something quite different compared to my recent output, I know, but made it cause I know there are some Crimson Skies fans outthere and I want to use this as a personal motivator for Modhail to kickstart his Crimson Skies interests again, and show it is possible to game this in 1/72 as well :beg: Hell, I'm even going to use it for VBCW for all I care.....

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  1. Lovely! Excellent paint job.
    Odd how the colour scheme looks good on virtually every type of plane..I looked at some spitfires painted like this two days ago.
    Happy new year

  2. Your creativeness is in full throttle, Sir! Very nice modeling and photography.

  3. Your fault! ;-D