woensdag 18 januari 2012

Static T-26 turret

For Rapid Fire, there is a scenario in which the Germans have to cross the river Bug (aptly named "Crossing the Bug" with Tauchpanzers etc) and the Russian defenders get a emplaced T-26 turret.

Much googling later I have this:
....which isn't much to go on. So I decided to keep it simple. 40x40mm base, 2 layers of plasticcard to raise it, brass barrel, drill a hole for the turret ( Pegasus BT-7 kit) so the turret can turn and a quick paintjob with some tufts. Nothing grandiose but it gets the job done.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Gunbird you have a lot of nice work here on your blog! Thanks for sharing.

    I especially like the realistic look of your ground covering here. Would you mind sharing what colors your used for the dirt and highlight? And also the grass colors?