vrijdag 17 mei 2013

French and German

Finished some more bits today.

A little Renault UE tarted up as a AOP
Conversion of a normal Renault UE tractor. Heroics and Ross crewman, one you will be seeing a lot of. Base is 20x20mm

SdKfz 222 in panzer yellow (it had camo but didn't look so good, so repainted it)
Again with Heroics and Ross crewman. Doms decals 1/600th Balkenkreuz for the win on a 40x20mm modified base (arrow denotes Recce in my book)

And a Stug to command my Borgwards (soon, very soon). Doms decals again, same problem with camo, antenna in the right places. 40x20mm base again.
Accidentally darkend the tab by using a brush that wasn't cleaned properly, do it has a dark wash over it. Not too bad, but I need to pay more attention to that.

Thats all folks.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. The darkened tab is excellent.
    Maybe a smudge of brownish "wash" in the same tone/color as your terrain makes it more in tune with the terrain and might give a more parchment/old document feel to it ?

    1. With my eyesight, I need them to stand out a bit. So no....

  2. They look amazing, such a high quality finish for 6mm!