woensdag 8 mei 2013

Tracks and Trucks

More Heroics and Ross goodness.

Bergepanzer III (with Doms Decal Balkenkreuz)

And again, for a real table size at 20-30 cm's. look at the insert. Added a crane, a fuel drum and what was supposed to look like an engine. It should have been upright though, not flat like it is (bad for engine)

Opel Blitz

Fiat 626

Hope you like em. Tell me if you like the camouflage, or not.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow!.. Those are 6mm scale? Fantastic paint work Gunbird.

  2. hey Gunbird, found your blog eventually!

    You fully understood the power of highlight at this scale. It works wonderful.

  3. Your 6mm tanks look great! Your painting style fits absolutely.

  4. oh man these are awesome in this small scale! BTW: are you going to IMPACT on may 26th? Would be cool to see you there. http://impact.hiredguns.nl/

    1. Hey Sander. Sadly I have other commitments, so I won't be at IMPACT nor FIGZ this year.