dinsdag 23 december 2014

Airbrush supplies at the local drugstore

I did a introductory course to see if my 2nd hand airbrush (A H&S Evolution) was any good, and it turns out it is. Well, after the teacher straightend both 0.2 needles and polished them that is. :)

Now I'm slowly building up supplies for my kit. I've already purchased a 0.4 needle for basecoating and varnishing, cleaning fluid, thinner and flow improver, but found some items in the local drugstore.

 Mostly for the new airbrush. Q-tips for cleaning, a lens box to keep the nozzle parts in cleaning solution, extra fine brushes to clean the air cap on my Evolution, toothpaste to polish the needle now and then, and conditioner for the new brushes I will be buying next year...I kind of had it with the cheap nylon brushes that I have been using for years.

Nice to know I can get tools locally. And not piss off the wife by using her stuff. And it didn't even cost much, less so if I had gone to the brand less shop but thats practically outside of town and too far to walk with the kids.

Oh, and shocker of the week....I managed to find next years 28mm model that I'm going to paint. Piers is making me paint more then 1 though.

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