dinsdag 16 december 2014

Lucky Strike part II

We have a Dutch proverb, "Een ezel stoot zich niet tweemaal aan dezelfde steen" (A donkey doesn't bump into the same rock twice). I've proven myself to be less then a donkey cause I won another big lot for a bit more money. This time filled with more obscure in between wars aircraft and 2nd line aircraft like trainers. Again I will keep a few and sell off the rest on Marktplaats

But in case anyone is interested, here is the list. Feel free to make a bid as long as you remember Post.NL is a bit funny and I have to send these in boxes that cost 7.50 Pounds in shipping for most EU countries, but can contain up to 2 kilos in kits. Could be useful if you want more or if you want to team up with someone. I know some of it is crap so I will be using that as airbrush bait.

Japanese box lot

Fujimi Ki-43I Oscar 2x (verschillende decals per doos)
Hasegawa B5N2 Kate 
Fujimi B6N1/2 Jill
Fujimi C6N5 Myrt
Hasegawa Ki-27
Special Hobby Aichi E16A1 Paul Floatplane
ZA Models – K3M3 Pine Transport 
AZ Models Ki-28 Bob prototype
MPM E14Y1 Glen
RS Model Ki-60 Prototype 
Fujimi D4Y4 Judy   
Hasegawa E7K1 Type 94 floatplane
Hasegawa Ki-48-T Type 99 Lily
Tamiya M6A1 Seiran   
Hasegawa Ki67 Peggy + resin parts
Hasegawa Ki49 Helen 
Hasegawa P1Y1 Frances

22 box lot

Toko LaGG-3
Nakotne N. Polikarpov I-3
Modelcraft Blackburn Shark Mk II
Hobbycraft Canadair CT114 Tutor
Matchbox Gloster Meteor NF11/12/14
Matchbox Armstrong Whitworth Siskin IIIA
ZLS PZL-37 A/B tos
Fujimi Ki-36 Kisaragi
Smer Dewoitine D500/501
Avis Kawasaki Ki 10-I
ICM Ki-10-II
PM Hawker Seafury Trainer T-61
Zvezda Yak-6
Pavla Models Curtis AT-9 Jeep
Italeri Rafale B
Academy Spitfire Mark XIV
Hasegawa Hurricane Mk IID
Academy P-51D Mustang
Academy Me-163 B/S Komet
KP Letov -S-328
Matchbox Dornier Do-18

I don't want the world for them, I'm not looking for retail, hard as it might be for some cause there are a few OOP kits in this lot, but don't try to con me :)

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