zondag 8 maart 2015

In with the old.

Years ago, before I discovered Wikkywokks excellent photorealistic scenery, I had high hopes of doing things like that myself. Nothing came of it back then.

What did happen was that it grew a love for the old, the decrepit, the overgrown, the used and discarded stuff of yesteryear, and in particular machines and buildings. That and I needed examples of how to paint my stuff. So I started taking pictures. This has created some tension with me and past and current girlfriends as I could spend holidays taking pics of nothing other then old buildings and rusting wrecks instead of her in bikini or against some landmark.

Anyway, most of those pics have been lost after a harddiskcrash and I had not paid much attention to it cause I started buying Wikkywokk stuff. So there I was driving back home on my scooter, taking an alternate route then usual, straight through Maaskantje, when I spotted something down an alleyway. Passed by it, thought, what the heck, and turned around.

By chance, what I assumed was the owner, was parked on the side of the building so I asked if he objected if I took some shots of his building. He agreed, and told me he was going to renovate it, replace the broken stone, new door, new fitting and a new roof soon (what you don't see in the pics is the left part of the house that has already been restored) in the near future, so if I want better shots, I'd better bring my camera on a sunny day soon.

Anyway, here are, the future reference, the pics I took:

The renovated part is on the left.

Just out of shot are the totally rotted remains of the roofs edge.

The faded INRIT (meaning entry way) and the faded colours, as well as the extra planking on top.

Paint is almost completely gone, love the curtain showing by the broken window.

One way to paint broken glass is to paint it black, and not gloss coat it like you would normally paint glass (that or blue)

Love the boarded up section!

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