vrijdag 11 maart 2016

Busy and bad

Well, I have been very busy. And very bad too. Let me explain.

After sorting out everything in my storage box in Tilburg on monday I have counted 22 boxes that I need to take back home, store in the attic, and then sort and sell/keep AFTER I have created my new room. (not throw away as I managed to dump 19 boxes of stuff, including almost my entire collection of RPG books from various systems and almost my entire collection of wargames magazines and what not. Considerable effort was exhausted :(

I then started clearing out everything that could be thrown out from our attic....that was tuesday well spent. On wednesday I did my best to help my mother-in-law in cleaning the hosue and I got pretty far, rebuilt the girls beds so they no longer sleep in a cage (not a cage of course, but I don't what the word is for a childs bed with bars on all sides) but one side is open, vacuumed 2 floors and was very supportive in whatever chore she gave me, but after she left I kinda broke down. I've been throwing away huge parts of my former life, my body is fighting me whenever I do something that should be a normal days work and I got really depressed. Like really really depressed. So I kind of shut down and went surfing on various websites.

I should not do that, it costs me money when I'm depressed.

So, 2 Calth dreads, 9 plastic RT marines, 4 metal RT marines, 2 Necromunda models, 1 WHQ Warrior Priest and 1 incomplete pit slave later, I have enough stuff for a Rogue Trader game, extras for a TNT game and another figure closer to collecting all of the WHQ figures.

But it wasn't all bad.

Yesterday, the mailman dropped off a small box with the 3mm order from Fighting 15's. Lastnight, i unpacked and checked them all, and made 1-3 moulds of each vehicle I had ordered, and made the first casts. I made more casts this morning and more casts this evening. I'll make more casts again tomorrow morning and in the afternoon. Enough to have 9-10 of each MBT and less so of the other vehicles....almost all will become wrecks, others will be converted into new vehicles.  Someone is picking up my Star Wars AT-AT, Millenium Falcon and Tie Fighter for 50 euros, money that is going straight back into the hobby pot and creates quite a bit of room in the attic.

Tomorrow, Erik and I will play our first testgame of TNT. I just fnished printing and laminating all of the markers. I think I will grab some Necromunda models and write up a 400 point Raider for testing tomorrow. But with my background, a Caravaneer or Preserver warband is what I will end up with, I think. I'd like to end this week on a high, thank you very much.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. If I could, I would buy you a beer man. Or your Beverage of choice if beer isn't your thing. Having recently been laid off myself I know how it can be.

    1. I popped my back so can no longer lift heavy things. so Kind of useless in a warehouse.

    2. I like a beer now and then, just not very often as alcohol tends to remove some of the protective barriers so to speak. And I'm almost always the driver, and I'm strict that way, don't drink and drive, 0%. But I appreciate the gesture :)

  2. Seems like you have the same bad habit as I, buying impulsive when you are feeling down.
    Hang in there, I hope you get a stroke of luck soon.

    1. Well, looked at my bankaccount tonight and that was quite sobering, and a stringent reminder that I must not spend any money, period. But the habit is so hard to kick.....