vrijdag 24 juni 2016

Munitorum Armoured Containers

....or a fancy schmancy way of saying 40K containers.

On my way back from my shrink intake on wednesday I decided to make a a large detour on the way back to excercise my knee a bit more as I don't get to the city centre of Den Bosch very often. I picked up some more 5cm foam balls at the craftstore to make moons from, some vallejo paints at Toemen or, as I shall call it from now on, "that drone place". Wall to wall of drones and parts.  And then I passed by the hobby store. It was deserted except for 2 staff. At first I thought all of the GW stuff had gone untill I found some way in the back, and there it was, 1 box of armoured containers. 40 euros. Lot of money. Well, let's call it therapeutic and I will paint them asap, I promise.

Medium sized box, 3 sprues inside, I'm guessing you have seen all that by now.
 I've been reading some complaints about recent GW mouldings, being soft in the details department, mostly aimed at the bases and basing parts kits. None of that here. Typical GW detail though, almost shrine like and skulls everywhere. 1 container each has 10 skulls on it. You can easily remove 8 of them with a sharp knife with a chisel head. So I built 1 container to see how it went together, primered it. Then realised I had been looking at it as a normal container, so I missed the 4 eagles that go on the corners and the skull keypad. Glued those in place and reprimered. When done it is quite a nice box, pretty solid other then the doors. They are a bit thin so they bend when you push them. Also, those are only glued in 4 small spots. You don't see the internal details when closed but it is actually pretty nice. The Stormbolters. I guess someone had some kind of seizure and thought it would be a good idea to upgun a container (which actually ain't a bad idea, as in modern days there have plenty of ideas for that, from CIWS to Anti Ship missiles) so no......you can put them on and take them off, if you magnetise it you can do it without damage, but I don't see the point as it looks very daft. So, the spares bin will take them gladly. Then I built the other 2 and set the box aside.

Leftovers....for now.
The boxes and fuel drums are a bit heavy built and left overs for now, but I'll do those when the containers are done. They look nice but the 3 drums I put together, 1 had a bad fit and the other 2 fit ok. Bit thick.

Anyway, the containers. They stack nice. I will make sure to double hardcoat the connection points so they live longer but other then that I just started with 2 in grey primer and 1 in English Armour and I'm picking up a Cadian decal sheet from Erik tonight to spice it up a bit. See, that is what I'm missing. You are paying 40 euros for a few sheets of plastic, but they do not give you any decals. No problem, I have tons of Space Marine decals and those have numbers, right? Yes, they do, but.....all the numbers are in different sizes....ffs. At least the Cadian sheet has nice same size numbers.

Yup, they stack. Basic colours on for the greys, the green one will get a white band across the middle but while I have no problem decalling and painting over my grey primer within 30 minutes, I prefer to let my green primer harden out properly which means I can tape off the container after I finish my Blog post.
Decals and basic weathering done on the 2 greys. Bad photo.
This is what I call basic weathering. If there is any interest in it, I will do a advanced rust tutorial (as an addition to the previous rust tutorial). Next thing to do is enamel rust and washes.

No other major news to report other then that in order to try and have any money left over every month we traded in our Renault Megane Stationwagon for a compact Daihatsu Atos Prime (which sounds very Autobot actually), meaning our insurance goes down from 70 to 28 euros a month, roadtax goes from 55 to 24 a month and economy....well, it is a C class car and the economy given is 5 litres and a bit for every 100 km. The Megane drank almost double that. And yes, it looks like a tin can, slamming the door makes it wobble from side to side, no more AC, it still has a tapedeck!! (we really need to change that) but she's 9 years old and has only run 57.000 km in that period (it was registered in Amsterdam and it never left that area, litereally) and is very economical. Kim even managed to get 1500 for the Megane (the best I got at other locations looking at other cars was 650/1000 euros) and I'm so proud of her :) Best thing yet, our we only spent 2100 of  our 4000 euro budget so we put the remaining 1900 in the future repairs fund. It had a major overhaul recently so I don't expect any troubles soon, but to test it I will take her out to Erik tonight (70km round trip) and to my parents on tuesday 130km round trip) and if there will be any issues I'll find out soon enough. Oh, and it fits both kids and their stroller (easily might I add, most small cars can't even fit a double sized stroller and we might not need it very often but having room for it is a must.

Enough yapping, back to the containers, now to rust them up.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Sounds like a good trade you made with the car. Glad to hear it has brightened your spirits a bit.

    As for the containers, please do a tutorial. Even the basic paintjob you did on them makes them look great.

  2. Nice work on those containers.

    Getting a car that can carry "kids plus crap" is a necessity I feel...

    1. Spent a good bit of the evening improving them with rust until I could not stand the smell of thinner anymore. So stay tuned next week :) Well, the buggy fits, and groceries, and just enough clothing for a daytrip, but that is all we can afford anyway, so she will have to do.