woensdag 8 maart 2017

How one 50 cent toy gives you a ton of scenery.

I like second hand markets / (online) shops. (tbh maybe a bit too much!) I have a list of things in my head that I am looking for and if I see a need for a item, either to be replaced soon as it's almost worn, or something that makes things easier in the kitchen or otherwise, I'll put it on a mental list. Since you never know when you will find it it can be a bit of hit/miss, but hey.

Last week I was making my tour looking for suitable bits for Gaslands, TNT etc and I picked up this:
 50 cents for a farm piece. Way too big for 28mm on it's own. But if we break it down.....

5 inches long, 2 inches wide and tall, this is a pretty big item in 28mm, let alone 20mm. But base it, maybe replace the top covers with something round, paint it rusty and it fits in.

Wheel hubs, 1 inc wide. Makes for great space ship engines, or lean them against rubble and paint them rusty. Nr 4 is lost, broke apart while removing it from the wheel. Oh well.

I like kids toys rubbery tires as they tend to be the type that seems to last forever, compared to model makers stuff. Hotglued the first to a MDF base, and epoxied the rest on top so these are not going anywhere. 2 inches tall, pretty huge, great cover for 28mm figures, massive cover for 20mm, and the tires don't look out of place in either scale - I mean massive tractor tires anyone? Will do fine in Gaslands as well as a road marker of sorts, or even for the finish line. I'm not intending to paint this one....I'll just cover it in pigment, brush most off and fix the rest, job done (as to how exactly going to do that without making a awfull mess.....now that is something I need to work on).

Just put the axles in a rubble pile and paint them rusty.

The frame....some interesting shapes, cut into pieces and paint rusty, jobs a good un.

I have no idea where the 2 black front bits went. :D I swear I had them on the table 5 minutes ago.....but those too, just clean, put on a rubble pile and paint rusty.

50 cents well spent I'd say.

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  1. That's indeed a great buy for the amount of scenery you can build with it.
    Admirable how you see all these opportunities just by looking at the piece.