woensdag 1 maart 2017

Just give me a break, would ya? (talking to Life here)

Sofar, this weeks "holiday" is completely faling apart. The kids were finally well other then a cough here and there, Kim managed to get a double eye infection so on saturday morning we were at the hopsital for meds, and then Kim's mother insisted we had dinner at her place on Saturday evening (which Kim mentioned after I made tuna pastasalad for me and the kids) so I had some of mine and I had some of hers.....and to be quite frank I've been on the shitter since! (I'm blaming my food, not hers....though if this is a case of the Noro virus I could have picked it up anywhere in the days before so God knows).

Every single time I hit some sort of holiday and my body craps out on me, dammit. This afternoon, after a few days with nothing but water, a few crackers and some vitamins, I felt well enough to finally cook my family a meal (after they had eaten bread and reheated food for dinner since sunday cause Kim wouldn't cook no matter what....I swear, if something ever happens to me she'd starve) and wouldn't you know it, I'm back on the can every hour ever since. I can't do anything cause I'm constantly hopping from left to right, trying to gauge if I have to go or not. I've slept a lot (wel, in 30-60 minute bursts) but it doesn't seem to do anything either.

So, have I studied this week? Nope, nothing. Cleared the desks? Nope.  Well, at least I sold stuff, but I can't go out and actually ship it for fear of soiling myself on the trip back and forth. On top of that, Kim sold our entire baby room (which is a good thing, cause we got a good price for it and we need the money to even out on the new beds, matrasses and assorted stuff), so I have to dissasemble the wardrobe tomorrow, by myself, carry it downstairs, by myself, and then get everything from the attic, and take it downstairs, by myself. Since we have no help, my knee will be fucked for a good few days.

Yeah, great holiday. It's not effing fair :( Now stop crying.....

Right, rant over...

What I can do, is just sweep everything off my desk on thursday as Kim is taking the kids to a friend and her kids (jay, more diseases....), grab the bluefoam, and get cracking on making walls etc to go with my desert village and get it all done cause it has been going on and off since 2013! It would be great to have this done in time for Tobruk, and motivate me to get some Taliban done as well as get cracking on proper scenery for a game of Black Ops. Friday I need to study (or seek medical attention at this rate) in the morning, the afternoon is mine for the hobby. The weekend is for the kids and then it's a normal week again so God knows when I find the time to work on it.

Did you know it's been June 2016 since I last properly painted something? Yes, I was shocked too.

Here is some of the stuff that is keeping me motivated to get things done for this no matter what.....
 I'll glue 2 sheets of foam for each wall (that be 6mm thick then), make as many straight tall walls as I can cause I'll never have enough I reckon, with plenty of corner pieces, shave the tops for the mud wall effect and make a dozen or so damaged pieces and the occasional one with a doorway or a carport....door.....oh you know what I mean. If I can burn through an entire bluefoam sheet to do this, even better, that way I can make sure I'll never run out for a big village.

Matakashi had a very clever idea for doing shops like this. I think I have an even better one. His are fixed to the building, mine will be on loose base, with poles in front (leaning a bit forward) and poles in the back (leaning a bit back, overhanging the base edge) so I cal slot them right up to my buildings, including the ones with metal slider doors, so they blend in better on a WW2 table. Trading goods etc can come later, no priority on that for now, get the basics done and get them done soon.

By the time these are done Tobruk should be about to be released and I can get cracking on building a small force to fight Erik and branch out for the Taliban, Iran-Iraq and Black-Ops with a dash of Pulp in there as well perhaps....God knows the options are endless really once you think of it. Sadly my lifespan as well as my attention span isn't so I will have to make choices.

Also, went out on a limb and made an order with SandS for some upgradekits for various vehicles. I have a lot of selling to do in the near future.....

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  1. Damn! I've got Tuna Pasta tonight for dinner, fingers crossed, sorry but this did made me chuckle.

  2. Good Luck and good health, Johan! Life seems to have been extra shitty of late... (No pun intended!)

    1. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...... jay

  3. That sounds like the worst holiday ever.
    I don't have a holiday, but reading this I don't even feel bad about it anymore 😊.
    Get better soon, all of you!

    PS. When you mentioned that Kim refuses to cook I couldn't help but laugh, my wife Nele also hates it. When I'm unable to cook it's fastfood all the way 😉.

    1. It wouldn't be so bad if she did fastfood, but not even that :D

  4. Bizzare! My wife got a sever eye infection over her 'half term' holiday as well! Teachers seem to catch every bug their kids have (she is always getting colds and coughs, which she then passes on to me). :)

    Now I'm unemployed, the wife has a huge list of jobs around the house for me to do, so hobbies are slow going at the moment. So I feel your pain! :D

    Love the sound of the the market shops. And Tobruk sounds exciting...Best of luck. Steve

    1. After almost a year of unemployment (anniversary coming up....jay....:( ) practically all the chores bar clearing the attic have been done, so that's a plus. Though now Kim would like a new awning at the back of the house. Sure, I'll sell a kidney. Or 2. Thx Steve :)

  5. Day started crap, the middle was crap, and in the end I'm enjoying my first 5 hours of actually holding down 4 bites of dinner we had tonight and enjoying a fine cup of tea....so I guess I'm on the mend. Thx bud.

  6. And a good 30 minutes later the fun is over again.....dammit :(